The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Back Home

Dear Friends,

I am back in Malacca now.  
Thank you ALL for your warm, kind and generous support toward this charity event.
Your monetary / donation contributions for the 4 Charity Organisations are really appreciated and YOU, have helped in making this a meaningful and successful cause. Once again, I thank you for joining me and my entire team in this journey and most importantly, your trust and believe in us.    

It has been one hell of a great experience for us.

While we were in Penang, I had been fallen ill but fortunately we were already on the last leg of our journey. However, that didn’t stop me from completing my last few assignments: Penang Photo Gallery, our visit to the memorable St Nicholas’ home and not forgetting too, trying out the local delicacies of many hawker food stalls and durians.

In the next few days I’ll update the latest Donations figure, the ‘Missing Days’ on my blog, Image Gallery and finally the photo album of ‘United Faces of Malaysia‘.  

For those of you who hasn’t donated and wish to do so, please keep the fund coming in. The line is still open until end of July 2009 for this project. Thank you.     

The 4 Immeasurable Vows

May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness,
this is immeasurable loving kindness

May all sentient beings be liberated from sufferings and the causes of sufferings,
this is immeasurable compassion

May all sentient beings enjoy eternal happiness without sufferings,
this is immeasurable sympathetic joy

May all sentient beings be free of grasping and aversions towards others and cherish equality amongst all sentient beings
this is immeasurable equanimity

You have indeed a heart of gold and may you continue this bodhicitta work for the benefit of all mankind. May buddha bless you always! We will always support you and will continue this journey with you always!

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