The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

BM 0202; the Magic number

Hey look! That's my official trishaw / beca license YAHOOO OO! 

 Last Friday I got the good news from Vincent that Malacca Council has decided to give me the trishaw license. I have waited for it for a long long long time. Here, I must thank our Malacca Chief Minister (YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam) for the state endorsement and support letter, Mr Alex Lye (our Local Councilor) and not forgetting Vincent for his tireless and never-give-up attitude for getting this license.

Do I need the license in the first place? No, not really because I don’t charge any passenger, it’s not my trade and I only ride for fun but, as a good citizen and in order to respect the Malacca authority, I kept them posted about my ’cuti-cuti Malaysia’ mission and the charity event. I am promoting Malacca, Penang and the smaller towns along the coastal trunk road. In a way, ain’t I an ambasodor? Eer, eer ….. just a trishaw man, man! Ha! Ha! Ha!
By the way, that’s my trishaw license plate number and I am not giving you any 4-digit lucky numbers here OK! Please support and donate. Hey! But, if you strike, please donate even more to these charity organisations.

The fund has started coming in slowly but surely and I really hope more people will come forward with donation soon. At this stage most of the funds are coming from people we know. Here, I must thank Mrs Tan (my neighbour) personally who has effortlessly go round my housing area (family and friends) to create awareness of this charity event and asking for support and donation. Thanks so much to all my neighbours too for their kind and generous support and to ALL my personal friends as well, some as far as UK. Thank you very very very much for your donation fund.
IF I could make a difference and change somebody’s life, just A single person, to me this event is a great success.

Without ALL your kind support, this event is nothing. Only with YOU AND i together, we can do it! 


Thank You

Hi bro! Thanks to you and family for your generous donation which is truly appreciated. Yes! I have lose weight indeed. I promise i'll take good care of my health bro. Cheers.

Specially Thanks

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