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Congratulations - Love Ambassador

Subject:   Congratulations - Love Ambassador
From:   "Harold W. Becker"
Date:   Tue, February 16, 2010 2:42 am
Cc:   "Ng Kek Kuan"
Priority:   Normal
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Dear Frankie,


Congratulations - we are delighted to announce you have been accepted as one
of our Love Ambassadors.  Ng Kek Kuan recently nominated you for this
designation. Your willingness to live your life dedicated to the vision of
love is a potent model for so many.  By your words, deeds and actions, you
are having a profound impact on all those you contact.  We are grateful and
happy to extend this recognition to you.


As this is a special program for us to acknowledge the silent heroes of
love, you are a wonderful addition to this group on our site.  We are
honored to connect with so many like you from around the world that quietly
share their vision and personal commitment to loving unconditionally.


Your name and country/state location have been placed on a special page at
our web site at   


We look forward to sharing more of this journey of love with you.


Love, light and peace,

Harold W. Becker


John T. Goltz

Vice President

And The Board of Directors

The Love Foundation, Inc.

"Inspiring People To Love Unconditionally"  


Think: Global Love Day

Feel: Love Begins With Me

Remember: May 1, 2010


Dear Ms Ng Kek Kuan

Thanks for your kind and surprise Love Ambassador nomination.

I want to dedicate this recognition to ALL thetrishawman Team Players and everyone whom involved in the project directly or in-directly. It's for ALL of you, mates!

Also, thank you to The Love Foundation, Inc (Florida, USA)  for this recognition.


Kind regards



Hello there FRANKIEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :) :)

How are you! Congrats on your Ambasadoor of LovEEEeee..

Yes, u sure created a lot of love and gave to everyone unconditionally. Keep it up my friend.. W also follow ur steps of givinng love to more ppl..

Yes, everyone, start looking for love for Frankie.. :P


You really deserve it - Love Ambassador

Dear Frankie,

Congratulations! You really deserve it.

Warmest Regards,
Zul, Kris, Ana and Reeza

Congratulations & Celebrations

You really deserve it! Congrats! Bravo! Keep it up! Well done! Great going! Proud of you!

Your neighbour,
Aunty Rose and family

Silent Hero of Love

Congratulations, Frankie.

Very happy to know that Kek Kuan took the efforts in acknowledging your commitment to loving unconditionally. You deserve the recognition as Love Ambassador. May God Bless You.

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Li Moi and family


Dear Frankie,
I would like to congratulate you for being choosen as a love ambassador
My family and I were really pround for you being so devoted for the well being of the mandkind where you were really put in your effort, time and all your kind taught in it.

Congratulation and thank you everything that you have devoted to the society

Best Regards,
Madam Mok Thye Mee

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni - Our Love Ambassador

Health, Joy, Laughter and Happiness Always.

Best Wishes from,
pc and family

Heartiest Congratulations

Dear Frankie the becaman,

You make us feel proud to be orang Melaka.
Malaysia Boleh! Melaka Boleh! Frankie Boleh !

Kind Regards,
Leng Lui (Nilai)

tahniah our becaMAN


U love all, all love u too...


Congrats!!! Frankie,

Your hard work and uncondition love towards the unfortunate are being appreciated by many people. Please keep up to bring hope to the needies.
Share the joy with your team as well!!! :-)


Best Regards,

Congratulations - Love Ambassador

Dear Frankie,

Congraguations! Please keep up the good work and keep making a difference to others.

John Yeo,

A well deserved recognition!

Dear Frankie,
Once again you never fail to amaze us by breaking new records and making history! Deepest congragulations on being Malaysia's first and only Love Ambassador..u deserve it! You have made us all proud to be Malaysians and the honour to know u. Everyone at Wings Melaka thank you and your team once again..the journey of unconditional love that you took for our special children and their families will forever be in our hearts!
Warmest regards,


Hi! Frankie,
It is a wonderful news. I send my warmest congratulations for the recognition!! Well done. Keep it up.


Hi! Frankie Congratulations ~

Hi! Frankie Congratulations ~ " Love Ambassador " Well done...gambatte!!!


Frankie, Congratulations to you for the recognition!! hope you can send your love to the one who need, ok!! Gambatte!!!! ^^

Great Man With Great Love

Hi Trishawman,

Yes! Love Ambassador is definitely a great award to you. Deep in heart I believe everyone are feel very proud on you for the recognition. Congratulations!

Spreading Great Love

Dear Frankie and Trishawman,
Highly appreciate for your kindness & effort in cultivating good deeds, may the great love spread wider and everybody "pass it forward"!

Congratulations - Love Ambassador

Hi Frankie,

Many congratulations to you for the recognition. Well done we are all proud of you. Keep it up

Thank You & Best Regards,

Bernard Siow

Chief Operating Officer

Kejuruteraan Asas Jaya Sdn Bhd

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