The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 1 (Malacca - Pengkalan Balak)

Dear ALL

Hi! Today is the third day of our journey and we have arrived safe and sound in Morib, N Sembilan, about  170km ++ distance from Malacca. We are at the beach front area right now and my other Sun-Chaser team members are resting, surveying the seaside and roaming around the chalet area. By the way, this chalet with-no-name (really there’s no sign board at all at the entrance, which I am curious to know and will find out later too ) and is managed by a lady worker.

I didn’t get the chance to give you an update the past 2 days of our journey but thanks to both Kent and Stanley for posting the Flag-Off Day photographs in Image Gallery. Pictures alone can tell a thousand stories.

Anyway, here’s a summary of what’s happened. We were grateful to our Chief Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Ali Rustam who flag-off us off on our ride. Though he came at around  9AM, an hour late but I am sure, none of us will be complaining as he has promised to donate RM 5,000 for each organization. Bravo Datuk Seri! Thank you so much for your support.

As soon as he met the representatives from the four charity organizations and also shake hands with our supporters, families and friends, I gave him a ride to the Tourist Police Station (opposite the Clock Tower post office, just in case you wonder where it‘s located) to have my very first time-stamp on my log journey done by the Chief Minister.

Then I rode him back to the A Famosa fort, where my neighbours, Mrs Tan and Kris have arranged their children and some kids (my good taman buddies) in our neighbourhood to sing me a “Jolly Good Fellow’ song.  They have sang me the song the day before too, together with Abang Beca song and I felt so touched by their  kind gestures and thoughtfulness.

We (Ah Seng and I) were flag off at around 9.45 AM and not long after our ride we were caught up by a very heavy wind at Klebang area then followed by a heavy rain. We took shelter at some shoplots. Well, we can only considered how lucky we were as the rain came only after the flagging off. Malacca hasn’t been raining for quite sometime so that’s a good sign, good for everyone and a good sent off for the trishaw man team.   

Rain stopped probably half an hour later and we continued with our journey. I was so happy that Uncle Richard Chye, Uncle Robin Chye, Jimmy Koh and Alysia Goh have all been helping us, ’the Sun Chaser’ team. Also, I must say that my cousin Jordan Tan has joined us too with the trishaw ride. Hey! I must admit that the journey has been made easy, interesting and fun with the extra help that we got.

That afternoon we arrived at Pengkalan Balak at around 1.30pm. All of us had a great time. Pengkalan Balak is one of  the more popular beach area for the locals. Though we cannot compare our beach as we are not so proud of it but, we (the local) still enjoy it. To avoid any disappointment, it’s always advisable to book the chalets and hotels in advance especially on long holiday weekend or school holiday.

If you visit Pengkalan Balak one day, do not forget to visit Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia: Pusat Pengurusann Penyu (Turtle Management Centre). It would be an educational trip for your children and even you, yourself especially if it’s your first trip to a turtle centre. The two caretakers we met there, Encik Izuan Ismail and Encik Md Akhaer Lajis were very good and helpful explaining every exhibits in the centre and anything that we want to know.

We managed to get him sign on  my travel log book and have their photograph taken for my United Faces of Malaysia album. 

We overnight at Mawar Chalet by the way. Cheap but we are ok with the condition. The plus point I guess was that the Makcik owner was funny and jovial person. She really can make u laugh and laugh and laugh.

Vincent and his family came and visit us at Pengkalan Balak at around 3.30pm while my sister and family came and join us in that evening for dinner. They all went home after the dinner.

We have booked 3 rooms for the 7 of us. Alysia (15, my niece) went home with my sis after dinner and her role as camera lady was replaced by Calvin Goh (my nephew). He was the youngest in the Sun-Chaser team; age 13.

All of us went to bed early that night. I slept before 10PM. Witnessing the release of some baby turtles into the sea for the very first time (organised by some NGO from KL) was an awesome experience for me  

Sun-Chaser Team: Ah Seng, Wei Peng, Uncle Richard Chye, Uncle Robin Chye, Jimmy Koh, Jordan Tan, Alysia Goh and Frankie. 

Specially Thanks

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