The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 10 (Pangkor Island)

We all slept very well last night. Well, to make sure that everyone of us is still healthy and fit, we have decided to go for a jog along the beach this morning. We went for a slow and easy jog at around 8 AM, and have shower before we filled our stomach with the buffet breakfast. Yummy! Yummy! I guess most of us might have put on some weigh from the past 2 days break!!!

So far along  this journey we were all fine during the trishaw ride but we have picked up small injuries here and there while we were relaxing and having some fun here. Perhaps we have been resting and pampered ourselves too much. Ha! Ha! I have twisted my hip a little while playing football on the beach while Wei Peng had a sore ankle but recovering well now and Kevin had a little sunburn on his shoulder exposing himself to the sun by the beach. Who can blame him for that, he loves the sun but not too much, lah! Also, another casualty was, Ah Seng. He was beaten by sand flies all over his legs when we were in Morib.

It was a good day for me to upload the photographs of the 1st phase of our journey. Managed to complete them and soon will be working on the 2nd phase. We planned to stay put in the resort today, rest, enjoy the beach, rest and rest some more because tomorrow we will be  heading back to Lumut. I spent most of my time in the business centre and luckily the free wireless broadband connection provided for by the resort can still be accessed from the business centre. By the way, Wei Peng and Kevin has named the centre, Frankie Business Centre because I have spent far too much of my time in there.

Anyway, I am very happy with the progress of everything so far:

The Journey - Journey has been going on smoothly for us, so far. Honestly, I am really glad that we found Wei Peng and he had decided to join us in this trip. Without a car ascot, we will definitely be going on a different pace. Firstly, the load on the trishaw has been reduced tremendously and we now can afford to have 1 rider on the trishaw at anytime, while the remaining crew can take photograph and also video documentation on the journey. A burden has been lifted from my shoulder suddenly and that’s how I felt.

The Sun-Chaser team - everyone has been brilliant. The team work for the whole journey has been superb. I can assure you that so far everybody have enjoyed the ride, not to mention that anyone get to see,…. let alone ride on a trishaw at this particular stretch. Trishaw is not popular and is not use as a mode of transport in every states anyway. My trishaw is definitely an eye catching for sure. She’s so strong and bold and yet feminine and sexy.

The People: We have met so many friendly people along this journey. We, Malaysians are UNITED. Regardless of what race, religion and culture, we live and work harmoniously together. We have seen so many happy faces too, and we are so glad that everyone we met so far was very kind and helpful. Do come and visit my country, my beautiful country. 

An Appeal from thetrishawman: When economy is bad, the Charity Organisations are badly affected. Once again, I hope people will not forget about these charity organisations and will continue to give them your support. Kindly donate generously. As I have previously mentioned in my earlier blog, please do not cut them off completely. Give them a smaller percentage is still better than nothing at all and do help them by spreading the news to your family and friends. Hey! This appeal is not only meant for the four Charity Organisations that I am currently supporting but it’s for ALL NGOs in this country.

Today is the last day we are going to be in this Pangkor Island and we will be going back to Lumut by ferry tomorrow at 12:30 noon. 

Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Kevin Charley and Frankie

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