The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 11 (Pangkor Island - Lumut)

We left Pangkor Island @12.30 this afternoon. Pangkor Island Beach Resort is located nearby the Teluk Dalam jetty and there are 6 trips daily to this part of the island. Well, we are fresh and ready to go on with our journey to the North. Once again, thank you very much to Cititel Hotel Management for their kind sponsorship of our accommodation in Pangkor Island.

We stayed at the same hotel in Lumut, Hotel Indah. The very first thing I did when we arrived here was to check on my trishaw. She’s fine but a little lonely that‘s all. Both our trishaw and car were good and thanks to the hotel owner for taking care for us while we were away to Pangkor Island.

The lady boss was telling us that many people have came and took pictures with my trishaw and few even asked if it’s for hire.

We went to KFC for lunch then unpacked our luggage and be prepared for tomorrow. Wei Peng and Kevin took a short nap later in the afternoon while I was busy again on the computer. I was sorting out the donation matters for these Charity Organisations. The wireless connection here wasn’t that bad today, OK! but I shouldn’t complaint as it’s been so much better compared to places like Pengkalan Balak, Morib, Jeram, Kuala Sg Selangor, Sabak Bernam and etc etc. Smaller towns are as usual being neglected.

Well, the past few days since in Pangkor Island, I have been trying hard to sort out whatever I could especially on my website because I know that once we leave this bigger town, the chances are I will be spending more waiting time on the internet and that can be very frustrated.

We did a simple check and maintenance work on the trishaw and we are ready to rock and roll.

Kevin Charley will be us for another day before he flies to Beijing on Thursday for another week holiday. I am expecting Wong Ling Gau from Ipoh joinning us later tonight and another surprise, a good buddy of mine, Patrick Hee Ho Meng has decided to join us, too. Bravo! He and Rimson will be driving from Malacca at 5 tomorrow morning.

Our plan for tomorrow is that we will be heading to Segari and Pantai Remis area using the old coastal trunk road; route 60 and toward Changkat Jering. We want to visit a turtle sanctuary in Pasir Panjang, Segari.    

Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Kevin Charley & Frankie

Hi Bro, It's great that you

Hi Bro,

It's great that you have make it to Lumut according to your schedule. I wish that I could join you guys on the expedition. I'm very proud of your mission. Let's us celebrate 'Yum Seng' when you and your team reach the destination - Penang. From : Wei See

When the going gets tough, you have prevail.

Hi Bro,

It must be a joy seeing this little idea seem to burst out of proportion. Never knew the outcome until you experience it yourself. Feel bad for not able to be there with you to endure all the agony, joy and beautiful sight of Malaysia.
Probably we will meet up for the "Yum Seng" celebration only-lah.
Take care and all the best to the Sun Chaser Team.

MK Boleh, Melaka Boleh, Malaysia Boleh.

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