The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 13 (Pantai Remis - Taiping) and Day: 14 (Taiping)

This morning we got up early at 2 AM to bid goodbye to our dear friend, Kevin Charley. He’s leaving for Beijing for another week holiday before going back to UK. On behalf of the Sun-Chaser team, we thank him so much for his support, his time and energy and we really appreciated for his commitment and contribution toward this charity event. Cheers mate! Have fun in Beijing! Our buddy, Rimson Gan fetched him to the KLIA airport.

Our destination today was to Taiping and as usual, we started our journey early, at 4.40 AM. The road condition on the first part of the journey was rather flat and half way through before we reached Terung, we came across some small hilly oil palm plantation area.

We arrived Terung at 7.05 AM. We had our breakfast at one of the road side food stalls then proceed to Kuala Terung for a short visit. Well, we saw few charcoal factories in this area, the same, too when we were in Pantai Remis. Want to know why? There were many mangrove (bakau) forest in these areas.

Today we had a new Sun-Chaser recruit, my good friend Patrick Hee Ho Meng. We have been friends since from our primary school time. I am so glad that he had came forward to help out.

This morning after a 60 KM ride we arrived Taiping. Taiping is a very nice town and beside the friendly people there, it has many interesting heritage landmarks and places where you can visit.

Some of the Places of Interest in Taiping:
Taiping Government Offices
Old Kota Mosque
Perak Museum
Clock Tower
Taiping Gaol
War Cemetery
Larut Hill (Maxwell Hill)
Taiping Zoo & Night Safari
Lake Gardens    

We made the decision to stay in Taiping for 2 nights so to enable us to explore the town at our own pace, slow and steady. Bt the way, the Perak Museum was under refurbishment and only a  small section was open to public.

I like Maxwell Hill and I will definitely come again. The transportation up the summit was by Land Rover and our guide/driver, Encik Ishak was a very funny and a jovial man, an interesting character.

Hey! Come and visit Cuti-Cuti Malaysia and check out for more information. 

Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Wong Ling Gau, Patrick Hee Ho Meng and Frankie.

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