The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 17 (Sg. Petani - Kuala Kedah - Langkawi Island)

This morning we left Sg Petani at 4.15. The weather was quite hazy and along the journey so far we had no problem but, this morning all of us can feel that our throat got very dry and have to consume more water.

On this stretch of our journey we have 4 peddlers / riders; Wei Peng, Meng Chwen, Ricky Soh and I. The road was flat and as expected, paddy field on both side of the road. So, the journey was flat, smooth and easy.

After a 2 hours journey, we stopped at Gurun for our breakfast. The people we met along these stretch were friendly and that made our ride more enjoyable.

Arrived Kuala Kedah at 9.10 AM and after I got my log journal signed off by the Kuala Kedah Police Chief, we went to make enquiry about cargo transportation for my trishaw. Apparently cargo shipment starts only in the evening and arrive the following day in Langkawi Island. Timing wasn’t right for us and so we decided to leave our car and trishaw in the police station instead. The police chief was kind and granted us the permission to do so.

From the police station to Kuala Kedah jetty terminal was only a walking distance away. But, while we were getting our belongings ready suddenly it rained heavily. The fourth time we were caught in the rain so far throughout this journey. We waited for about 40 minutes in the police station until the rain stopped, then we walked to the jetty.

We arrived at the jetty at 10:30 AM and the next ferry leaving for LangkawI Island was @11:30. The boat journey was 1 ½ hours. We hired a car and that’s where all the fun began.  Cuti-Cuti Malaysia and visit Langkawi.

We are in Langkawi Island and now we have decided to spend 3 nights here, leaving the Island only on Thursday morning.

We shall be going into the Penang Island this Saturday.

By the way, the wireless network connection here is very bad and I am not able to download any photograph. I will do that when I get the chance.    

Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Meng Chwen, Ricky Soh and Frankie


your guys are so brave! All

your guys are so brave!
All the best to you all~ I'm looking forward to read update news in Penang. Welcome to my hometown - Penang!

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