The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 2 (Pengkalan Balak - Port Dickson)

We got up at around 4.15 AM and left Pengkalan Balak at 5.05AM when most people were still soundly asleep. About an hour journey later, we can see lightning and hear the thunder from some distance away from sea, a sign of rain was coming soon. Not long later it was drizzling and luckily just a passing rain that we were caught in and if we were to hit that area earlier, we will definitely be soaking wet, Again!.

Uncle Richard Chye (our video camcorder man or video director) who went home the night before also caught up with us and join in the Sun-Chaser team. Just like the day before we had 3 escort cars following the trishaw and as for the riders, everyone had a chance to ride the trishaw and we took turn. Hey that’s the reason why we managed to get to our destination rather early and the enjoyment was there you can see it in everybody’s faces. They are the unexpected helpers, Good Samaritan.

Uncle Robin was our delivery man, He! He! We will never go hungry with him around because he kept disappearing himself for a short while then came back with either food, drinks or fruits. We had our breakfast (roti canai and teh tarik) by the road side and we took turn so that the trishaw can continue its journey without stopping. Each time we exchanged riders while others having their food break, the trishaw can actually covered some good distance.

Calvin Goh (13, nephew), our youngest Sun-Chaser crew was in action today. Though he wasn’t supposed to join us but a last minute go-ahead clearance by my sis had really made his day. He’s well trained and so I am not worried at all and moreover, there‘s always one of us to supervise. Together with Jordan Tan (18, cousin) and Alysia Goh (15, niece), I hope the three youngsters will carry the torch and do their own fund raising event for charity in years to come. This is only an exposure and an eye opener experience for them all.

8 AM: we arrived at Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado), Negeri Sembilan. I have always wanted to visit this Cape Rachado lighthouse. It’s Malaysia’s oldest lighthouse originally built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. We managed to get a permission to park our trishaw at Pusarti Kem Segenting, an Army camp. We were very happy that we can save our energy on that dead end road to the entrance of  the park leading to the lighthouse. By the way, the light house is located in the Malacca state border though we are already in Negeri Sembilan.

We had our breakfast (nasi lemak and drink) at the light house, with a view. Cool yeah! He! He! We spent some time there before heading to Port Dickson(PD) at around 9.30 AM. The road condition to PD was flat and easy and we just take our time enjoying our rides. Then we took a rest at the seaside area before heading to our hotel. Uncle Robin and Jimmy already found a hotel for us somewhere in the town centre itself, so it would be easy for us to leave the next morning.

We had our lunch at around 12 noon then went to the PD police station seeking for their permission to park our trishaw in the station and also to time-stamp on my log book. Unfortunately, the police officer didn’t allow us to park our trishaw inside their compound, asking us to park outside the station, beside the main entrance gate.     

After we had settled down and checked into our hotel, then it’s time to say goodbye to Uncle Richard, Uncle Robin and Jimmy who were going home. They have escorted us since yesterday and we were so grateful for their help and support. They have made our journey more fun and enjoyable even though the ride was tough.

My cousin brother (Jeffrey Tan and family) and a friend (Rimson Gan) also came to PD and gave us a visit.

We are left with only the 5 of us for now. All of us were sharing one room (2 twin bed and one double bed) at Hotel & Restaurant Meng Yen. Ah Seng, Wei Peng, Jordan and Calvin had a short nap before we hit the beach at around 4 PM. We were at PD (Batu 4) beach enjoying the sun, sea and sand until dinner time.

My neighbour (Mr & Mrs Tan) who were at nearby town came purposely to meet us and also, to buy us dinner. They have been my biggest supporter and I am so grateful to them. We went to Lukut for dinner. My good friend, Vincent and his family on their way back from KL to Malacca also came and join us and to say hello. Then at around 7.30 PM, I received a phone call from a police officer asking me why I left my trishaw outside their station. I told him that I wasn’t allow to park inside the police station but, he was very kind and offered me to come and park my trishaw inside the police station instead.  Thank you SIR!

Then Mr & Mrs Tan took us to their friend’s place before we headed back to our hotel shortly after 9 PM. Again, the Sun-Chaser team had an early night. Tomorrow will be a tough day, especially the PD - Sepang 30KM ++ stretch, a very tough terrain.            

Wei Peng had tooth ache on that night and we decided to stay on for another day (dentist) if his condition doesn‘t improve. 
Sun-Chaser Team: Ah Seng, Wei Peng, Uncle Richard Chye, Uncle Robin Chye, Jimmy Koh, Jordan Tan, Calvin Goh and Frankie


Lau Ta , you are our hero .

Lau Ta , you are our hero . We will definitely continue your charity drive :)

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