The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 21 (Penang) ..... the trishawman team has arrived.


Congratulations to the Team for reaching Penang from Melaka safely after 3 weeks of adventure, sweat and pain. Frankie and Team certainly deserve a good rest before embarking on documenting the thousands of photos taken of Malaysians along the journey North.

It is also great to see that Malaysians and overseas people chipped in to contribute to the 4 charities which total RM 151,000.00 to date. Certainly this figure will grow higher as days go by. The team effort and the sacrifice put in by all deserve special mention that kindness and compassion are very much alive in all of us.

Syabas and Well done to the Sun Chaser Team.

A "job" well done

Great .. to hear the beginning of a job well done!!

T.K. Kang
Hong Kong

Specially Thanks

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