The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 3 (Port Dickson - Tg Sepat - MORIB)

4:00 AM - wake up call. Checked on Wei Peng and his condition got so much better after I gave him a packet of Oral rehydration salts (orang flavour) last night and he managed to sleep well. According to him this morning he’s fine and wanted us to go ahead and continue with our journey.

We hit the road at around 4:35 AM and half an hour later, as we already expected the tough and rough oil palm plantation terrain that we had to encounter. The up and down hill plus the winding road made the journey rather dangerous and we have to be full alert at all time, for traffic not only coming from behind us but infront of us too. The road was pitch black but good thing the full moon lighting helped a lot in a way.

The worst part of the ride of such terrain condition was the up hill pushing of the trishaw. At some slope we even have 3 people pushing it up. The Sun-Chaser team work was superb.

When the conditions get tough, the tough gets going and we were so happy when we saw the moon gave us a smiling face from the sky above. Then at about 6 AM, suddenly I heard Jordan and Calvin shouted from the car asking us to stop. ‘the trishaw man, the trishaw man on Hitz FM’. They were so excited and probably that was the only time the trishaw made it’s first pit stop of the day. We took the opportunity to take a breather and listened to the radio. Thanks Hitz FM for your support.

Also, many thanks to all the well wishers on both side of the road giving us a thumbs up, car horn and gestures of encouragement to support and cheer us on.

Before we arrived at Sepang, we noticed that we had to push the trishaw up hill not only once or twice but three times. Going Up, up and going up again. Then it was down hill all the way till we hit the flat land. Coming down on such a high ‘trishaw’ speed can be very dangerous because the handle shakes a lot. We need a firm / strong grip to keep her under control.

7AM: Arrived Sepang and didn’t expect we could arrive here so early. We had our breakfast then continued with our journey to Sungai Pelek then to Tanjung Sepat. I consulted with the team if they want to continue with our journey to Morib another 20 KM away, since we were ahead of our schedule, then we stay for 2 nights in Morib. All of them agreed that we should continue.

Here, I must thank Madam Cha and family from Tg Sepat for their kind and generous offer to put us up at their place, CHEERS! even though we didn’t stay over in Tg Sepat. We salute you! 'Kamsiah!'

Then we went round and round looking for cheap chalet or hostel in Morib and finally, because we made a wrong turning point, we managed to find one, a chalet ‘with-no-name’ we called it. The steel gate was partly opened too Hee! Hee! Really, there wasn’t any signboard at all. This is a private run business as I found out later. The owner normally will let out to their regulars with advance reservation only because they don’t live near here and they don’t open business on daily basis, too.

Tell you what! We are taking up a room for the four of us but, we got the whole place for ourselves. We like this place very much. It’s a perfect place for family and friends and I am sure most of us will come and stay at this chalet again. The beach is just behind us by the way.

I am sure all of us will say that we have made the right decision to take an extra day break in Morib.

My sister and my sister in-law and family visited us yesterday afternoon and they came to fetch Calvin home. You can see that Calvin wasn’t that happy at all. Next time, boy!

Hey! There are plenty of nice seafood restaurants in Tg Sepat. Check it out!!!... and the prices are reasonable... eer cheap! 










Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Ah Seng, Jordan Tan, Calvin Goh and Frankie

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