The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 4 (Morib)


We have done well so far and also, because we like the place, we have decided to give ourselves a day-off.

Honestly, we were supposed to take a break but it seems that the four of us were even busier than our normal working day.

Ah Seng, Wei Peng and Jordan spent most of their morning session on the beach, looking for clamps and thanks for their effort we got an extra dish for our lunch. The housekeeper of the chalet was kind to cook it for us.

I spent most of my day on my computer. The broadband connection there was so bad that I almost given up but, I can’t just leave my blog quiet since the flag-off. Many people have already called up and asked if I am OK!

Besides washing up our dirty laundry, we did a maintenance service on my trishaw too. 

It was a good day to catch up with all our family members and friends.

Again, we went to Tanjung Sepat for our dinner tonight. Yummy Yummy!


We are good!

Hi Bro!

We are all fine thanks. The ride (in the name of charity) has been smooth and I bet the Sun-Chaser team members are having fun too, while enjoying the country coastal side of our beloved country, MALAYSIA.

Dear Frank, making a

Dear Frank, making a difference and having fun out there... with Malaysian traffic and hotels... maybe you could give a critique of the places you and team members stayed and the makan places you patronised... any unpleasant Malaysians... hope not... good to hear the wheels and cables are holding out...isn't life a great adventure...isn't it great to make a difference and to touch the lives of others... Yap Koon Roy

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