The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 5 (Morib - Kuala Selangor)

A good trishaw ride today! We have covered about 95 KM today, making the total distance that we have conquered so far, 280 KM ++. Initially, we were planning to put a night in Klang but decided to continue with our journey to Jeram, before we decide where and when to rest.

The journey to Klang was easy on a flat road but the weather was rather hazy this morning just before we arrived at the Klang town centre. Then suddenly the trishaw brake cable snapped while Ah Seng was going down on a slope and we had to call for a pit stop at a nearby petrol station to fit a new cable. No disrespect to Klang, but we arrived at the town early and plus the haze have made our decision to continue with our journey.

As soon as we hit Jeram, we noticed that there’s nothing much to offer there and the beach was very dirty too, that’s  according to the locals OK! So, it’s very easy for us to make our decision and again continue our journey to our next target, Kuala Selangor. This was so far the farthest distance we have covered on a single day and on the hottest day too. The road was rather flat anyway so it‘s not too much of a problem, especially when I have enough support.

We settled in Kuala Selangor at around 2 this afternoon. Didn’t do much or in another word, can’t do much because we were quite tired and the weather was really hot. I was trying to do some updating work on my blog but the wireless connectionn was really slow and I didn’t bother to leave our hotel and look for an internet cafe, once again I apologise for not giving you an update yesterday.

As you are aware I am not a good writer and my English is just as bad and to make thing worst, when I am too tired my mind just shut down completely. Well, can’t just blame the wireless broadband connection all the time. Ha! Ha! Ha! but it's true our broadband service is damn bad / useless unless you're in a big city. Really YULKS!    

We chilled out in our room until our stomach told us it’s time for dinner. Hey! We are wondering,... are we suppose to get thinner and fitter after our journey? but, we have been eating seafood all the way so far, too delicious and really we can’t afford to miss the local seafood delicacies. Most likely we may put on some extra weight after the journey!

Ah Seng, Wei Peng and Jordan went to see the fireflies after dinner while I was at the hotel expecting our new Sun-Chaser team member, Kevin Charlley who just arrived from London at 5.25 PM flight. My good friend Rimson has gone to pick him up at KLIA airport and on their was to our hotel.

Jordan Tan will be leaving us tomorrow and he has been with us for the past 5 days. It’s time for us to say good bye and wishing him all the best in his further studies (degree course) starting next week. Thanks for everything, Dude! Kevin Charley will be replacing his place.

Ah Seng was supposed to leave us tomorrow, too but he has managed to postpone until Sunday. Bravo bro!

I was very tired and it didn’t take me long at all to fall asleep into my dreamland. Zzzzzzz!
Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Ah Seng, Jordan Tan and Frankie


All the best Bro, chia yu...n

All the best Bro, chia yu...n safe journey....

Keep it Up !

Hey Frankie, we are miss you here in Melaka...And it's amazing and you are now 280km apart from Malacca...Gd job..and keep it up...You can do it with teamwork...We all here pray for you.....Gd luck and take gd care..Brother....From Tristan

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