The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 7 (Sabak Bernam - Lumut)

As planned and expected, we will be going through quite a long distance ride today, a 88 KM journey.

We got up at 4AM and started off our journey at around 4:50. Not long after we hit the road we came across a rather unique bridge that splitted into two smaller bridges, right and left for each traffic direction. Wonder why it’s built such a way?

The journey today took us from Sabak Bernam through Route 5 passing by towns like Hutan Melintang, Kg Sg Epek, Kg Sg Buloh Bt 8, Seberang Perak, Kg Sijagob, Lekir and Setiawan etc etc. 

We experienced the 3 different type of terrain today on this strectch of our journey. The first part was the oil palm plantation where it was a little hilly (PD - Sepang journey was worst). Then on the flat road and followed by the paddy field challenge. Don't know know but so far whenever I go through any paddy field, it's always been against the wind direction. 

We had our breakfast today at Sg Rengam at around 7:15, after we have been paddling for 40 KM. Wei Peng, Ah Seng, Kevin and myself took turns with the ride. It was very smooth and fun. We had many well wishers to cheer us on and moral support, too on this stretch. The Pakcik, the owner of the coffee shop was very friendly to us too. We managed to take photographs with them.

After breakfast and not long after our ride, we arrived at a paddy field area. Over there we met a group of lady farmers getting ready on their day job.They were a bunch of  happy people and kept on smiling. We spent some time with them. They have started working on the field since March this year and the harvest season, is in August / September. We took some photographs with them before we continue with our journey again. So glad to see so many happy people and the smile on their faces really made our day and our journey even more meaningful and enjoyable. 

Just as we arrived at Lekir (Batu 8), my good buddy from school day came and met us. His name is Marc Yong Kheng Sai. I have arranged him to meet us along our journey as he will be giving us a hand on the ride today. Kheng Sai has tried riding on my trishaw before this and so I am not concern at all for him to go on a solo ride.

We arrived at Lumut town at around 11:10 AM. The journey was not that bad at all and probably the last 500 metres was the longest slope push that we had to encounter since this morning. Immediately, we went to look for cheap budget hotel so that we all could take a rest, settle down and check out the town.

Wei Peng annd myself went to the Lumut police station to get our journey journal to be time stamped by the officer on duty. The officers there were helpful and friendly. After our photograph shooting session with them, I actually lefy my files in the police station but the officer already came to the town area looking for me on a motor cycle when I returned to the police station again looking for them. So happy that I didn’t lose my log journal. Thanks to the officer on duty especially  Corporal Ishak for his kindness trying to look out for us around the town centre. 

We didn’t do too many activity this afternoon but only explored the city centre. The internet connection was not that bad in Lumut compared to Sabak Bernam so I took the opportunity to clear and do as much as I could on my blog updating the donation section as I didn't get the chance to do that for the past few days.

Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Ah Seng, Kevin Charley, Marc Yong Kheng Sai and Frankie

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