The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Day: 9 (Pangkor Island)

Today we were saying goodbye to another 2 members of our crew. Ah Chen, who has been following us in this journey since the flagging off on the 6th June. Well, we will miss him a lot for sure. During this journey and within such a short time we had, not only gone through the endurance test, the sun heat plus the rain, the fun and the laughter but, the most important thing of all that we will be taking with us from this journey is that we have built a ship, a ship called ‘FRIENDSHIP’.

I am damn sure by tomorrow morning when he wakes up with his wife besides him, he’ll be thinking of the trishaw ride as he had been with us for the past 8 days. Just hope that he won’t wake up at 4 in the morning. Ha! Ha! Ah Chen who can eat well surprisingly has lost his appetite in food since yesterday, for the first time. We were joking with him that he must has missed his wife already.

Another Sun-Chaser team member leaving us is Marc Yong Kheng Sai, a closed childhood friend whom we knew each other since primary school days.. He has been helping us with the ride from Sabak Bernam - Lumut stretch. He had enjoyed the ride and what an experience for him, too. I am sure we will see him. Ah Chen and the rest of the crew members who had helped us so far will come and meet us again, in Penang if time permits. I will try to organise the whole Sun-Chaser team to be there with me on that historic day.

Again, many thanks to Uncle Robin and Ah Hock who came all the way from Malacca to join us here and they will be fetching both Ah Chen (Malacca) and Marc Yong (KL) to their home on their way back to Malacca.

We went to the jetty to send the 4 of them off at 12.30 noon, then we walked back to the hotel. So, left with the 3 of us now, Wei Peng, Kevin Charley and I. Well, since we have 2 rooms only for the 3 of us, so we made up our mind to release one room and extended our stay here for another day. Wow! You should see the smiling faces on both Wei Peng and Kevin. Only ‘Joker’ in the Batman movie can beat them in the smiling face competition. He! He! He! Well, they deserved the break and since we are here at the Pangkor Island Beach Resort, we might as well make use of the place and time to recuperate and relax while we can.

The wireless broadband connection in this hotel was good and so I took the opportunity to update  my blog and also to give all of you the most important up-to-date Donations figure. Many thanks to everyone who has donated and you really help and make a difference, especially for these charity organisations. And for those of you who hasn’t donated or doesn’t know how-to, don’t be shy and please refer to the Charity Organisations page. There’s a step-to-step donation method to guide you around. Thanks in advance and kindly donate generously! Cheers!

Kevin and Wei Peng spent most afternoon in and out of the resort pool and beach area, while I was busy in the resort Business Centre - Internet Kiosk. Glad to say that I have managed to give you the latest Donations figure as per today. My next task is to upload as many photographs for my Image Gallery - ‘on the journey‘. 

Later in the afternoon, the 3 of us went around the island, by taxi. We managed to visit some of the interesting sites: (Treasures of the Island)

a) Foo Lin Kong temple: The lady caretaker of the temple told us that the old drum displayed in a plastic box was locked up because people visiting the temple tend to pull the on-growing hair from the skin surface of the drum. Until today we can see that hairs still growing from it. The upper part was growing grey hair while the lower part black hair.

Long time ago someone visited the temple, pulled a hair of the drum and brought it home. He struck a lucky 4-D number and since then rumor spread out fast and many people copied the same thing. Luckily there’re still some hair left for the three of us to witness them. Still growing according to them.  

Tun Dr Mahathir had once visited the temple and advised the temple committee to protect the drum because of its uniqueness. Ever since then it's been locked up with a 'see-through 'plastic box

b) Fishing village
c) Sacred Rock, ‘Batu Bersurat‘
d) Dutch Fort
e) Pangkor Town etc etc

I think we were very lucky that we didn’t bring my trishaw to this Pangkor Island. The road condition was indeed very dangerous, narrow, steep and with many blind spots. Even though we may be able to push her up on the high sloops but going down hill will be almost impossible and we may need ropes and few strong extra muscles to pull from behind preventing her from going down at a very high speed. Check out the photo and you’ll know what I meant by that!

We had a simple dinner in Pangkor Town this evening. After having too many seafood the past so many days, it’s time to have something else: light, nice and delicious.

I continued with my work on the computer when we came back to the resort and worked till midnight and too tired to open my eyes anymore. See you  later!

Sun-Chaser Team: Wei Peng, Kevin and Frankie

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