The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Full Service

Yesterday I made my final pit stop at Mr. Ng’s bicycle workshop, before I begin my journey next Saturday.
It was a complete check-out. The full-service and maintenance work were done by both Mr. Ng and Mr. Yee. Mr. Ng started off first by checking the three wheels: spokes, rims and hubs. Both the back wheels were fine except for the front wheel which was a bit shaky. Mr Ng showed me how to feel the vibration, then he took out the front wheel, unscrewed and opened the hub. He changed a new set of ball bearings then covered them with plenty of grease to hold them nicely into position. 9 ball bearings onto each side to be exact. It can be less 1 or 2 ball bearings but nothing more. Before giving it a last tightening, Mr Ng checked and make sure the wheel and the ball bearings ran smoothly and into the correct position as it should be.
Next was the bicycle brakes. Mr Ng changed a new set of bicycle pads only as I have just changed the brakes cable not long ago. The chain is still in good shape and can last very long according to them. The bicycle handle bar grip, pedal and bicycle seat are all in good condition too.
The last thing Mr Ng and I did for my bike was to make sure all the screws and nuts are tighten properly before he hand it over to Mr Tee to fit a new metal joint onto the left wheel cover, as it has broken and created a lot of squeaking sound (for a long while now) on uneven road.

Mr Ng and Mr Tee from Hin Yap Trading Company, Padang Temu also prepared some spare parts for me to take along on my journey such as: spare tyre tubes (28 x 1.5) and tyres, brake cables and pads, glue, tube tapes, grease, chain clips, sandpaper, seat cover and others.
Overall, they are happy and satisfied with the condition of my trishaw.
Here, I must thank both Mr Ng and Mr Tee for their kind and generous support and for sponsoring my trishaw parts and including repairing, maintenance and servicing. Also, thanks for their kindness and willingness for sharing their skill and arts, though I must admit I know just the basic and still need a lot of practice. 
Both of them have never stop giving me their best wishes and words of encouragement. They are my guardian angels too.

Specially Thanks

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