The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 3rd birthday

How time really flies! It is as though we came back from our trishaw ride to Penang only yesterday. He! He! Here I sincerely would like to take these great opportunity to wish everyone in thetrishawman FAMILY (team players, supporters and well-wishers too) the very best of luck, good health and happiness and full with LOVE, as always.

We are still growing strong, from strength to strength and so glad that we are ALL being blessed by GOD (whatever religion) for all our charity, social works and commitments. GOD BLESS!

Guys! I am really proud and honoured to have ALL of you in de Family. Thanks a Million Thanks. You guys are GREAT. Seriously, even though we may not bonded by blood but, at least by heart. To me, that’s the greatest GOD’s gift in any human heart. Thank you for walking together with me in this life journey. Without you, we don’t even exist in the first place man!!!

3 years has passed. YES!…. and we have travelled a long way since.
Guys, here’s something that will make you feel really proud of,… are you ready??? Ahem! Ahem! So far as per today, we have raised slightly above RM500,000 for charity organisations (and this amount does not even include those events that we have co-hosted, assisted and helped). Not bad huh for our commitment from a tiny family like ours. Like we have always said, we do not measure money as our success. But, to be able to give away our time, our energy, our support and our total commitment + love is something more important and meaningful to us than anything else. And to top of everything else, is the awareness that we managed to create and pull all together time after time for Charity and that is really something that we honestly proud of.

Happy, Happy and Happy 3rd Birthday my fellow FAMILY.

Our simple way, where all 100% donation goes to the Charity Organisations we involved in, is our sincere, simple yet pure commitment to our charity, social work and commitment.

However, we are sad and regret to say that there’re many times too that we have to turn down our service simply because we are really short of man power and resources. I really hope you guys can forgive us. First come first serve but at times we are tight down by our personal obligation. To all of us, charity still begins from home.
We do it out of love and we use our own resources, our time and our energy for ALL our charity commitments. I am truly sorry if I have ever hurt anyone’s feeling in anyway and it’s never my intention at all.

Thank you!

frankie mktan 06/06/12

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