The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!


My Dearest Friends

Firstly, many thanks to ALL for helping making our dream possible and come true. Again, thank you so much for believing in us and supporting our efforts to help and assist the less fortunate and people in-need (whenever we could) time and again. Here, I must stress AGAIN that without YOU, we are NOTHING.

Well, we may surprise many, even ourselves that we are still exist until today. And stronger than ever though. Ha! Ha! But, I am so sorry to admit that we still can’t help many cases (though we wish we could) due to manpower shortage, time and resources and our website has not been fully utilized and updated for quite a while too. Ever since we changed to a new server host some of our contents and photos have gone missing during the transaction, unfortunately. Sad but not broken! So, we have decided to use FB and ‘word-of-mouth’ for our event updates and etc etc. Anyway, we do not need publicity because our action actually speaks louder than words and that‘s enough!!!!

6th June 2014 marks our 5th Anniversary and this year the TEAM shall celebrate it with a little colour… to add-on to the occasion simply because we are proud to accomplished yet another major project early this year. We helped to overtake and overseen a refurbishment project for an Autism centre in Malacca. The whole refurbishment project was FULLY sponsored by the SUPPORTERS, whom all wish to remain anonymous. Thank you very, very, very much MY FRIENDS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

It was a tough and a challenging project for us, seriously! …. looking for sponsors and contractors, (ain‘t easy at all, my friend!). Every cents count!!!!,… just imagine from a single nail at the beginning of the project until the very last piece of the puzzle fixed, the fire exit staircase. However, the great thing that came out from this project was pure KINDNESS. Every single person who involved either directly or indirectly in this project from our supporters, our donors and to the main contractor, the wiremen, the painters, the plumbers, the gardeners, the labourers, …. ALL giving something back in the name of charity. That is so beautiful!!!! And it touches our heart, our soul. is just a small Family and to be honest, WE CAN’T DO MUCH. However, we can help by creating awareness, educate and share our love, our experience to as many people as possible and our main aim is wishing for these kind hearted people who get involved with us to spread the words and social works around with THEIR OWN charity works and events. In that sense we are successful in building up a more caring society and that’s exactly what we are doing and why we are still here.

Bravo Guys! GOD BLESS!

Thank you for walking together with us in this life path journey.
Wishing YOU ALL Good Luck, Good Health and Happiness Always.

Happy 5th Anniversary! TEAM

Specially Thanks

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