The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Hectic Days, Happy Days!

It has been a very busy week for me and a very tiring one too. Actually, I have stepped up another level on my training regime, a final push toward the flag off day, 6th June. I have been doing jogging or cycling and ‘trishaw-ing/beca-ing’ of any combination in the morning and evening too, whenever I can. Every night when I hit home at 10:30 or 11:00, my mind will be just too tired for me to do anything else. Then the next morning I will start my training again at around 6 or 7 depending on my schedule.

Trishaw-ing at night around the town area is rather fun, cooling and no sunburn, of cause. I just trishaw around the town areas laps after laps. Friday and Saturday night is a No-Go area when the tourist invading the whole town.


By the way, on Thursday I received a phone call from Vincent asking if I was on training in the town area. He said somebody wanted to see me. So, I went and met him at the Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall and he explained to me that a week ago he met a well known local portrait artist, named Encik Johari Ibrahim.

Vincent mentioned to him about the trishaw man charity event and so that’s how it ended up, I was told to go and collect a portrait of myself. Wow really a surprise! Encik Johari did a charcoal portrait of me and my trishaw in front of the A’ Famosa Fort. An actual scene on my flag off day, WOW! I can imagine that’s exactly how it is going to happen on the 6th June at 8:00AM. I felt really shy but so touch deep inside when Mr Johari presented me with the portrait: ‘A gift for the trishaw man for his truly charitable cause’. 

These kind gestures from Mr Johari and some others are the spirit and motivation that keep me going, you know. You can view Encik Johari’s work at (Contact No: +6012 611 5020)

Also, I have a good neighbour, Mrs Tan who supported this charity cause by going around asking all her friends to help and donate to the charity organisations. All of them are my “HEROES” and I really appreciate their kindness. Honestly, I just don’t know how to thank them enough!!!

Felicia, my goddaughter

Hi Peng-Yu. Felicia is my goddaughter and I have a godson too, named Ryan. Yes, I plan to introduce my family members to all of you but, at a later stage. No Mrs Trishawman yet.


I want the painting so much !!!

I like the painting some much,got my lau ta papa and beca.

Wow, this is really a suprise

Wow, this is really a suprise and so cool~

Beautiful painting

That's the most beautiful painting.. especially with that guy wearing spectacles...who is my hero....

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