The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Hitch Hiker!

On Thursday (16th April 09) during my trishaw training at the usual AMJ Highway, someone at the opposite direction stopped and asked if I could give him a short ride. Hitchhike a trishaw? YES, indeed. Ha! Ha! Never heard of, right! 

Anyway, he told me that his car has run out of petrol and he’s staying not far away (about 1km), so I asked him to hop in and he left his wife in the car. Trishaw man came to the rescue!  Well, his name was Encik Azan from Kampong Bukit Nibong. He wanted to go home and to take his motor cycle and buy petrol. By the way, Kampong Paya Dalam was where I met him.

Then on the same day itself, on my way home and as I was having a 5-minutes water break on the Sg Duyung bridge suddenly an old “Pakcik’ riding on a motorcycle stopped and took a long look at my trishaw. He then asked me if the trishaw belongs to me, how and where I got it from? I told him that I bought the trishaw from a friend’s father, who then bought it from someone else.

This ‘Pakcik’ told me that he recognised my trishaw. It was once belonged to his friend, but he couldn’t recall his name now, something like Jaabar/Jaafar ... (a dark tall guy) and lived in Bachang area. Unfortunately, his friend has already passed away. He then asked if I want to sell it but I told him that it’s not for sale and I am about to do a charity event with the trishaw. Moreover, the trishaw has some sentimental value to me. Then he told me that my trishaw was built in the seventies and the older version trishaw has a rattan seat instead.

Well, the ‘Pakcik’s name is Haji Ismail and he told me that he still rides a trishaw and where he is usually based. I will definitely go and see him again to find out more about the history of my trishaw. It's interesting someone just came over out of no where and told me quite a few things about my trishaw. In the meantime, I have asked Judy to find out from her dad more about my trishaw history too. (Well, if you are new to my blog, please check my profile on team players and there’s a brief story about the trishaw)

By the way, I want to take this opportunity to thank Vincent, Kent, Stanley and Ricky for all the hard work.  As you have been informed, Kent is our IT guy while Vincent is our administrative spoke person and let me introduce Stanley, the man in charge of promotion and marketing and Ricky, who's covering all up north and Penang matters. Since we soft launched the site on the 6th April, we had an encouraging hit on our site and we hope soon, people will come forward and support with donation. Cheers! 


Frankie, Can u please let us

Can u please let us know : how can we contribute the donation? to the charitabale organisation account directly or how.....

Charity Organisation

Yes Please! Kindly deposit into the Charity Organisation's bank account directly. Please refer to 'CHARITY ORGANISATION' column for the 4 organisations bank details and donation method.

Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to write to or/and

Thank you very much for your kind support.

Much appreciated

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