The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Human Solar Panel

IF I am a solar panel, my body could have easily absorbed and collected enough heat and energy from the sun to generate and run electricity power for my home. That’s how I feel every day after my training.

Well, that’s how hot it can be (without me telling you more about it) the afternoon weather in our country. Honestly, anyone seating beside me can actually feel the heat coming out from my body. It has been awhile now that I’ve been sleeping on the floor (marble slaps) every night before moving up to my bed after early in the morning or just slept through it, all because of the body heat. For that simple reason I tend to push forward and start my training at around 5AM so that I can come home and have a good rest before 1 or 2 PM.


On Tuesday, I did my training on bicycle cycling around town for 3 hours. Then I hit the road with trishaw up ‘til Merlimau (25km from Malacca town) the day after and Thursday was my jackpot day, Ah Seng wanted to join and train together with me. Yahoo! We were training at my usual AMJ highway when suddenly Ah Seng said that there’ a hot spring in Bembam and asked if I have ever been there.

Quickly, at the traffic light junction, I just made a left turn into the direction to Bemban / Jasin town Ha! Ha! and Ah Seng asked if I am serious about it because he just asked for fun. Guess what? Both of us didn't bring any spare clothings at all. I told Ah Seng that our clotings will get dried miles away before we got home. 

Let us go and explore the place, I told him. The journey was challenging because of the hilly and winding terrain and both of us have to coordinate properly to guide the traffic coming from behind us especially, and to signal them to overtake us if there’s no on-coming traffic. At many corners we had to come down and pushed the trishaw off the road because of the heavy traffic on both directions of the road. Those roads are rather narrow and for 2 Lorries to bypass each other at such a high speed, it’s wiser and safer for us to ride/push the trishaw off the road. Both of us managed and coordinated very well as a team.

Anyway, these are the road conditions that we will be facing at many stretches along our way to Penang. We had our breakfast in Bembam town before we checked out the hot springs. Many locals were curious to see us there. We arrived at the hot springs 5 minutes earlier (open at 9AM) but the person-in-charge were kind to let us in probably pitied both of us coming by trishaw and from such a long distance (# 25km) to check out their place. Ha! Ha!

As usual our Bro Vincent will SMS or call to check out on me every morning (without fail) of my training activity. I feel so glad to have such a good caring friend. Hot Springs? Sounded crazy like as though we didn’t get enough suntan/sunburn from the afternoon burning heat! HE! HE!  HE! I know, but since we were there, we might as well enjoy the place for a while (I don’t know if “enjoy” is the right word). We said we will hang out there for awhile but we ended up spending 2 hours of our time there. Encik Rusa and Kak Siti Hajar from Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Jasin (also known as Jasin Hot Springs: Sulphur Theraphy and Recreation) were very friendly to us. We were treated like VIP guests and they gave us a tour around the place with detail explanation of the process, benefit and the history too and anything about the place.

Unfortunately, I lost my trishaw key but luckily Encik Azman (from the centre) came and unlocked it for me. How he did it? Sorry, a secret can’t be shared, but now I’ve learned a new trick to unlock my trishaw without much effort. A useful trick for a rainy day or rather on a "forgetful" day!

[Check out the place:]

And the past 2 days I have been doing my training around the town area only, on bicycle.

Hey! I will try to update you my daily / weekly activities as much as I can. Ever since the blog is published, I am being pressured to spare some time on it now, besides busy with my regular training regime plus planning and organising the event. If you think this is only a part-time job, you are wrong, my friend. It’s more than a full-time job, (a life time you can call it). But I am not complaining. I have already set my mind to do it and so my focus is 100% toward this charity event. I am so happy to achieve what I have managed so far. I know the fund will come rolling in soon for these charity organisations.

This blog has become like a bedtime story that I have received emails from people asking me for latest updates etc. Being pressured, that’s what I meant and am trying to tell you...... Have a break, have a Kit Kat. Ha! Ha! Ha! 

By the way, so sorry for my poor English-la! I just write and write and write what comes into my mind and what I want to share with you all. Enjoy! Please remember to support and spread the cause for us, too OK! Thank you.


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