The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Journey Mapping

Last Monday (13th April) Ah Seng and I took a drive (by car) on our planned journey routes. We wanted to see the terrain, the condition and the surrounding, so we could have a better understanding and idea of what we will be facing on the actual day and to enable us to have a better planning.

The journey from Malacca Town to Lumut (442km) took us about 11 hours and we made many short stops at our planned stopover towns. The route itself wasn’t so bad but, however, we will be facing some hilly and winding road especially after Port Dickson (that’ll be a challenging task), going through Klang town would be a nightmare because there was a construction work at the bridge that caused the bumper to bumper kilometres of traffic jam. So, I am planning to stay overnight at the edge of the town and bypass the city centre at 4.30 or 5 the next morning to escape the traffic madness; unless the construction is completed by the time we hit the town (which looks unlikely).

Then the stretch from Sabak Bernam to Lumut will be a long one. Overall, we believed that we should start our journey at 5 in the morning and hopefully will reach the next stopover early, probably before 1 or 2pm. This would give us ample flexible time. Should we arrive early, it would be a bonus and I could concentrate more with photo shooting and explore the town. Secondly, even if our journey is interrupted by rain and other unexpected mishap like tyre puncture etc etc (touch wood!), we are still OK!!!

The load: My trishaw is 90kg and I am 65 kg (maybe lesser weight now), my riding partner average weight is 70kg (I hope so, ha!ha!) and including our belongings (plus trishaw spare parts etc etc) which we have to keep it to a very minimum weight, maybe 30kg if we can manage. So, overall we will try to keep the load down to around 260-270 KG. Obviously, the heavier it is the tougher and more challenging task for us. I hope someone out there (now reading my blog) can volunteer to drive and follow our expedition, than we can have lesser load.

Well, we stayed a night in Lumut and the next morning exactly after 12km drive, my car speedometer and tachometer went kaput. We decided to continue and drive to Changkat Jering only to check out the terrain and from there we drove home using the North South Expressway. So, the road from Changkat Jering to Butterworth onward will be a New Frontier. I will ask for feedback from friends who have experienced using these routes before.

Then on Wednesday I went to see Mr Ng at his bicycle shop. He and Mr Tee were very kind to teach and show me the way and trick to fix all the common repairs. They even let me fixed the bicycle brought in by customers who has punctured tyres etc and I managed to fix three. I spent 5 hours session there. He did explain to his customers that I am on training there for my expedition, and promoting my charity event for me as well. Also, Mr Ng suggested a full list of essential spare parts of what I should bring along with me and the necessary tools. It was a very good and useful experience, for sure and I will be visiting them more often now and again. Before I left, Mr Ng insisted that he wants to sponsor me all the spare parts needed for my journey, even though I tried many times saying NO! By teaching me the know-how method is already a blessing and I am so grateful to them.


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