The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

THE JOURNEY: A short summary

This is the route that I will be taking, the coastal way and where terrain is less hilly. Along my journey, I am going to write something about these small towns and hopefully I can help to promote them. Ever since the completion of the North South Expressway in 1994, less and less people have been using the coastal routes.

To me, this whole journey itself is not to hit bang, bang, bang from one town to another and reach Penang as soon as possible and then return home. Well, how far and how fast can I go anyway!!! HA! HA! HA! I want to see, visit and learn more about places in Malaysia. Honestly, I have been to more places outside of Malaysia compared to our own homeland because I was away from home for some time.

Also, as part of my mission on this journey, I will try to compile as many photographs as I can by taking photographs of the people and creating a photograph album of ‘United Faces of Malaysia’.

Well, I don’t usually plan much on my journey. I will just go to one place and then plan where to go next and the next and the next etc... I will stay longer if I like the place, otherwise I will just move on to the next town. But, on this trip I will be travelling on a trishaw speed so I will try not to make any wrong turning.  I have been to these places a few times (thanks to Google Earth) by the virtual way. Ha! Ha! Also, I hope the map is correct and I won’t end up at a river crossing where there isn’t any bridge that will take me across???

Journey: Flag Off from Malacca @ A Famosa Fort and going through places like: Tg Kling – Sg Udang - Pengkalan Balak - Kuala Sungai Baru - Ricardo Light House - Tanjong Tuan - Port Dickson - Kampong Kuala Lukut - Sepang - Tanjong Sepat - Morib - Banting - Jenjaram - Klang - Kapar - Kuala Selangor - Sekinchan - Sabak Bernang - Lekir - Lumut / (Pangkor Island) - Segari - Pantai Remis - Changkat Fering - Parit Buntar - Nibong Tebal - Butterworth - “ferry across the channel” - Georgetown - Komtar (Penang) YES! YES! YES! ....... #600KM.

Oh yes! Someone wrote and ask me about the return journey. From Penang, I am going to take a few days break (and might go to Langkawi Island). Also, I am going to do a photo gallery on Penang. From Butterworth, I am hoping to catch a train to Tampin, Melaka and from there will ride all the way home. My friend, Ricky is still trying to find the train service for me.

I would like to thank these few people namely Mr & Mrs Kumar (Seremban), Calvin (USJ), May & Yaw (Ipoh), En Kamarul (Taiping) and Mr Yong (Puchong) for their generosity in offering me a place to stay when I reached their respective hometowns. Unfortunately, the route that I will be taking will not pass their hometowns and therefore have to turn down their kind offers.     

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