The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

New Friend Found!

Hey! Look who I met this afternoon, my fellow comrade from the north. When North meets South!
I was riding my trishaw along the Jalan Merdeka area, Newton Culture Food Village when suddenly I saw this Penang trishaw on display at the side area of the Food Village. I told myself that I will have to make a stopover so that my trishaw could take photographs together with her new friend found.
That was the one and only Penang trishaw I ever seen in Malacca.                                          


While taking photographs, a gentleman walkover and we began to chat. I told him about my charity event and guess what, he kindly made a donation for one of my charity organisations. Bravo! His name was Mr Wong from the Newton Culture Food Village (drink counter).
My trishaw was so happy today and I bet she will be pleased to meet more of her Northern comrade (Penang trishaw) when we arrived in Penang ….. Even though she will have to endure the long and tough distance ride. This blog is specially dedicated to my trishaw. He! He! He!



Best Wishes to all the sun chaser team

Wira Beca

Wira Beca Wira Beca di tengah jalan
Demi derma untuk buat kebajikan
Putar putar putar putar kaki mengayuh
Pergi jauh keringat pun lalu jatuh

Dari pagi hingga matahari terbenam
Dari Kota Melaka ke Pulau Pinang
Hujan panas tiada merintangimu
Moga-moga Tuhan memberkati dikau

Residents of Taman Pertam Jaya

You have been an inspiration

You have been an inspiration to us at WINGS.It is amazing how you have reached out to others,inspired others to share your vision and mission.20 years from now our community at wesley methodist malacca and WINGS will fondly and gratefully recall this adventure of your's(and your faithful team members)which has touched our lives.It was so encouraging to see your beloved neighbors from Padang Temu to come in full force to support you.May our Lord Jesus protect you and your team members throughout the journey and in all your future endeavours.


Specially Thanks

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