The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

RM 170,927.70 the final total GIFT of LOVE!


The trishawman charity event officially closed today and here, I would like to express my gratitude and a million thank you to ALL OF YOU who have kindly and generously donated to these charity organisations. Your contribution played a very important role and has helped the success of the event.

I sincerely want to thank you for your participation and most importantly, your trust in me. Again, I must stress that together with the thetrishawman team, our sponsors and the donors have helped and made the journey so much fun and easier for us. Your effort has helped and made our MISSION POSSIBLE.

Right from the beginning I have said that if we could make a difference to a person’s life, this event will be measured a success and here, I am proud to say that together all of you and the trishaw man team have helped in giving a massive helping hand and made a difference not just to a person’s life and hey! but many more. For this we should ALL be proud of ourselves. Salute and three cheers to US ALL. Bravo!



thetrishawman TEAM: Mr. Vincent Low, Mr. Kent Lo, Mr. Stanley YSL, Mr. Yap Wei Peng, Mr. Ah Seng, Mr Richard Chye, Mr. Robin Chye, Mr. Jimmy Koh, Mr. Jordan Tan, Mr. Alysia Goh, Mr. Calvin Goh, Mr. Kevin Charley, Mr. Rimson Gan, Mr. Marc Yong Kheng Sai, Mr. Wong Ling Gau, Mr. Partick Hee, Mr. Meng Chwen, Mr. Ricky Soh, Mr. Peter Hee, Cikgu Mano, Mr. Ivan Janamuthu, Mr. Ong Wai Onn and Ms Janice Tan.

Mr and Mrs Tan, Ms. Kris and Uncle Zul, Mr. Bernard Siow, Mrs Sim, Mrs Gopal, Ms Varsha Ajmera, Dato' Syed Ahmad bin Syed Kassim and Ms Linda Phua.

YAB Datuk Seri Ali Rustam, Chief Minister of Malacca
YB Mr Danny Law, Penang State Executive Councilor for Tourism
The Police Force along our journey
Taman Pertam Jaya Residents

ALL DONORS: particularly Melaka Wonderland Hotel and Water Theme Park, Mr Paul S, Mr Paul Phua, Mr Poon Muk Hoon, Mr Tony Bloom and Family, Mr Jonny Proudfoot, Mr Jason Tan Yik Long, Farmosa Tiara Sdn Bhd, Mr Gib Cheang, Mr Tan Ai Tong, GJH Development Sdn Bhd, Ooi Poh Yoke and Ms Violet Soh

ALL SPONSORS: Mr. Ng Chong Lin and Mr. Tee Sim (from Hin Yap Trading Co), Dato Eric Lim , Ms Dylia Ong, Mr Jimmy Yeo and Ms Foo Siew Lin (Cititel Management Group), Mr Goh Seou Khiang & Family from Lenggor Manufacturing Co Sdn Bhd, Mr Tristan Ng & Family from Seong Yeong Motors Sdn Bhd., Mr Tan Gian Siang, Mr Abdul Samad Tahir, Mr Johari Ibrahim from.Folk's Art Gallery, Mr Vincent Chan from Joy Chan Advertising S/B, Mr Kent Lo from Kititto Design and Mr Koay Beng Hong from Penang Trishaw Riders Association

Genesis of My Journey:

It has been a month now since I came home from my charity ride to Penang, how time really flies!. I can still recall clearly in my mind that many thought that I was crazy, “a nutter” when I first shared this idea / project. Ha! Ha! Besides my family and probably the other only person who believed and supported this event right from day one was my buddy, Vincent Low. Also, thanks and grateful to Kent Lo who had spent many hours producing this website, Stanley, Ah Seng, Uncle Robin, Uncle Richard, Jimmy and Beng Beng and Mrs Tan and Janice (all names have been mentioned earlier too).

Well, I am really proud to say that we have done it: MISSION POSSIBLE, all thanks to everyone mentioned above.

Also, this journey has been made easier for me, too all thanks to one person particularly, Wei Peng. Without him volunteering full time as 'Sun-Chaser' team: car escort-cum-rider just 2 weeks before the flag-off, the whole scenario and outcome of the journey that you’ve followed me since last month would be a different story all together. I have been searching for ‘this person’ for a long time and I have actually given up hope altogether. Seriously, even to find someone to join me in the ride was so difficult and what can the chance be to find someone to join me for the whole journey? ZERO.

Just imagine without the car escort, I would have to carry the whole load together with me on the trishaw. There can only be 1 person to ride with me each day and I may not be able to cover the same distance in 21 days, too. Well, I have already trained and planned for all these challenges and obstacles from day one, until finally Wei Peng came forward 2 weeks before the ride.

The whole episode has changed suddenly. To me, the battle has already been won on that particular evening when Wei Peng confirmed his commitment. Honestly, I am not boasting here but when I have planned and trained very hard all along the way for the worst situation, and then a big burden suddenly been lifted off  my shoulder, I can only cheekily gave myself a big smile. Yes! Yes! Yes! However, I was still very focus about the whole journey and for everyone joining me in the ride, I was responsible for their well being and safety especially; getting a personal insurance for my riders was just an example.

Overall, the whole journey ride was rather smooth and easy for me because quite a number of friends / riders came and joined me unexpectedly during the journey. Though I was happy for them to come forward but, back in my mind I was very concerned for those who haven’t riden a trishaw before, 1st timer. After my previous experience, (I bet you've read my blog) I cannot gamble anybody’s live at all joining me in this charity ride. And that’s the reason why I always have an experienced rider to guide, accompany and ride together first and until we were happy and confident that the rider can ride alone on a solo ride, if needed.

Personally, the toughest journey for me was the stretch from Parit Buntar to Sungai Petani. I wasn’t feeling well, down with cold and flu. The others were not in that great condition either, one was having ankle pain while the other sore leg and I knew I needed to boost the energy and spirits of my riders, so I didn’t tell them of my condition. Usually I will be the first rider, go as fast and as far as I could for a good head start. Depending on the journey, but I have never needed to push myself to the limit but to give all the other riders a fair chance, fun and excitement in the ride.            

Well, but on that particular stretch as I had to push myself. The first part on the first leg was rather tough but surprisingly, I managed to cover a 15 kilometres journey in 45-50 minutes (not in my 100% self though). The hazy condition has added the extra challenge and made the ride tougher for 3 of us . We can feel that our throat got dried up fast and that made us felt uncomfortable.     
So, I was very happy that the car was not only being used for our escort and protection but on top of that has enable us to take many photographs which otherwise would have proven a difficult task. Oops… I almost forgot to inform that we have managed to video recorded 8 cassettes of 90 mins long each, which I will try to produce them at a later stage and published them here too.

Overall, I must inform you that this has been a great journey and experience for every rider who has joined me in this charity ride, be it a day or a few days ride. All of us enjoyed the ride and the response we got from the roadside well wishers and road users of all races were overwhelming. Their kind support and gesture have always lifted our spirit and made our journey so enjoyable despite the weather. We had great fun.

By the way, regardless the race, Malaysians are friendly, warm and united people and the smaller towns and rural areas are especially exceptional. For that simple reason we spent more brilliant time in these areas. Well, while in Pantai Remis if not because of Abang Lee and family, we would have just bypassed the town but, they have convinced us to stay overnight. He gave us a local tour then took us to a waterfall and a fishing village. Wow! He‘s very kind and what an ambassador he was, much deserved a special reward from the local tourism board. Then, while in Kuala Gula we met Mr Selva and his little son. Like Abang Lee, he too, was kind to show and promote his town to us and an old trishaw man in George Town, Mr Wong who gave us a special and warm friendship. By right these are people we need to promote the so-called ‘cuti-cutil Malaysia’, especially those who had the first contact with us / tourist.

During the charity ride, I can feel that we were always being protected by guardian angels.

Hey! I lose my spectacle while playing football with Kevin in Pangkor Island. A strong wave suddenly came from behind which took me by surprise and my spectacle dropped into the sea water and for a quick 10 seconds I thought I have lose it then suddenly saw a black object floating and quickly I scooped it with both my hands. Viola! It’s my spectacle.

Then while in Langkawi Island, after the first incident I always use a rubber band to tie up my spectacle when going to the beach. I shared my experience with Peter and told him to be careful. But the same thing happen to him, he lose his spectacle into the sea and quickly 4 of us tried our luck looking for it but after quite a long while, (5 minutes at least) we have given up hope because the wave was getting stronger and strong, too. Then suddenly I stepped something on my foot and slowly I bent down and used my hand to lift up the object and to everyone’s surprised I found the spectacle!

Also, there was a crucial time when we were lucky that no vehicle on both side of the road ................................

Anyway, to my Sun-Chaser team: I hope you guys can forgive me for not sticking to my original road plan. Our plan have changed many times, I know from Plan A - Plan Z throughout the journey. Yeah! But that has made the journey more interesting, right? Taiping was definately a great town to visit and what about Langkawi Island? He! He! He! A 600 KM journey has ended up 800 KM++ instead OOOOPS!!!                

Finally, regarding the ‘United Faces of Malaysia’, a question that I have been asked many times. Well, it was easy for me to come out with that mini project. I am just going to ask you; aren’t we united all these while? What have we achieved? What have we learned? Do we love one another despite calling ourselves Malaysian? Do we still have barrier amongst us?

The answer is YES! We have always been United. Hey! Just take a look at my simple Image Gallery, those photographs tell a Million stories. Regardless of the religion and race WE ARE UNITED, just as always, ........ depending how one wants to portrait it.

We are a charity event….. a No religion, No races and a No Politics site. 

Finally, the million dollar question that many kept asking me how much I have spent personally for this charity event and journey? Sorry Dude, 100% of your generous donations go directly to the supported charity organisation and so, it's personal-lah. I am pretty sure you can do your math.     

What’s next for thetrishawman? I will maintain the site as it is (video coming next) and at the same time I am going to produce a photobiography webpage soon. Book? eeer eeer not too sure about it!!! Hey! My trishaw is now probably worth the most expensive trishaw in the world: RM170,927.70. Eerm! Eerm! By the way, her name is T-Rex, name given by my sis and the big "T" stands for TRISHAW, too.    

What about thetrishawman2? HA! HA! HA! …………… to be continued.

Dear Frankie, Reading this

Dear Frankie,
Reading this blog entry brought tears to my eyes. It has touched me in various ways and for many reasons. It's too complicated to explain but suffice to say that I think I understand what the whole prject is truly about (no, it's not just collecting money for charity). I think you have renewed my faith in the human race and shown what the human spirit is capable of. Not just you, but basically everyone who selflessly contributed time, money, effort and energy in this project.

Many thanks!

Hi Frankie,

Me again. Finally, your wonderful charity project has come to an end but another chapter of your life is beginning. On behalf of all board members, staffs, parents & students of Wings Melaka, we thank you and your team members for organising & completing this project sucessfully to raise funds for us. The amount does not matter but your kindness & the goodness of your hearts are really one of a kind. I had the privilege and joy of working with you & Mrs Tan, it's people like you that are really God sent. Once again, all the best in your future plans & may your life continue to touch others the way it has touched ours at Wings Melaka.

P/S: I agree with you that we are all truly united despite our different races, colors & religion. May we continue to stand united and see the walls that divide us come crumbling down!

With deep appreciation & regards,

Thank you so much!

Hi Frankie.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Specially Thanks

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