The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!


Thank you for visiting my fund raising website.
Thanks A Million to ALL my sponsors and everyone who have supported and donated in this Trishaw / Beca Man charity event.
A very warm and BIG thank you to all my family members for believing in me and their never ending support. Also to one particular person my good friend, Vincent Low who's always there for me. Without him, I guess this project would not have run as smoothly as it is today. We have been working together on this project since from the beginning, day one. Thank you for everything, mate.
To Kent and Stanley (my IT and Marketing / Promotion guys) really appreciate for your kind support and endless time spend on this project. I will definitely miss our discussions and meetings at our so-called offices (any cafes around town with free WI-FI) during my journey. Also, three cheers ‘Yam Seng’ to my team players and ‘Sun-Chasers’ team.
To my neighbours (especially Mr and Mrs Tan, Kris, Bernard Siow, Mrs Sim and Mrs Gopal) thank you very much for your kindness in spreading the cause and create awareness in our housing estate and surroundings about this trishaw man project. Cheers for the excellent donation campaign. And thank you so much to all my friends and residents in Taman Pertam Jaya especially (not forgetting Dato' Syed Ahmad bin Syed Kassim, our Chairman) who have ALL supported and also kindly donated to these charity organisations.
To my friends everywhere, particularly UK for their donation support and their best wishes.
Thank you to the Melaka edition Chinese newspapers for writing about the trishaw man and to one particularly newspaper, Melaka Hari Ini for writing non-stop about my progress since early this year.
AGAIN, Thank you ALL for creating a clear path way for my journey ahead. To me, this battle is already half won. I never expected to get such a warm reception and support from everyone. All of you have motivated me so much and made my journey so easy now.
OK, I bet you are tired of my thank you here and there today, so I will stop here for now and will thank (AGAIN, Ha! Ha!) my sponsors in another blog on another day.

Have a safe journey from Melaka to Penang

Dear Frankie,
Indeed it is good that you are following our Malacca High School Alma Mater motto :Meliora Hic Sequamur - Here We strive for better things!

Good that you are raising awareness and raising funds for the 4 charities. All former Malacca High students, old and not too young, are behind you in your noble effort by cycling from historic Melaka to Penang. If you have the opportunity to meet YB Lim Guan Eng in Penang, please remember he studied in Malacca High.

Good luck and wish you all the best in your journey. Keep us posted as well during your journey up North.

Take care.

Everybodys are behind you to

Everybodys are behind you to support your this great cycle of love and care.
Keep it up brother!

Specially Thanks

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