The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Training With A Buddy!

Guess what! For the very first time I had someone to accompany me in training. Ah Seng and I went to Muar (40+km away from Malacca) and both of us got stuck in a heavy rain (my first experience, too) on the way there. We left Malacca at 8am and back by 5pm. It was a good experience and we really had a great time.  We took turn riding the trishaw at every 40 minutes each interval.

 Talking about riding partner here’s something that I would like to share with you. First of all, thank GOD I am still alive. Last month a friend of mine wanted to come along on my training and as I have been doing training by myself all this while, I was so happy until I forgot about “the basic”. I didn’t find out and I didn’t let him try to ride on the trishaw to see if he can handle her. Not long after I rode the trishaw into the highway, I let my friend took over the pilot seat.

There was a motorbike lane (on the left hand site) of the 2 lanes AMJ highway. My trishaw can fit nicely into the motorbike lane and with some extra comfortable space. Few minutes after my friend took over the ride from me, suddenly the trishaw swerved from the motorbike lane and into 1st lane then into the 2nd lane of the highway. Oh My GOD! Seriously, my heartbeat STOPPED for a few seconds at that instant moment and I told myself “THAT’S IT”! Before I turned my head behind to take a look, deep inside I was already expecting to face a very, very hard impact. Once again, THANK GOD! There wasn’t any on-coming vehicle coming behind us AT ALL. GOD must be on our side and there must be a guardian angel protecting us.

(Well, if you must know, the highway is always busy with vehicle and even lorry with high speed of80-100km/hour at least).

Immediately I took over the hot seat and headed straight home. I let my friend trained at my housing area instead. From that very moment, I am taking every step very seriously and I cannot afford to take any more chances. Anyone who is interested to join and help me with the ride, will have to go through a few lessons under my supervision. One just needs to get use to the beca. Beca has 3 wheels and so she's one-sided heavier!!!

Lao Ta

Kindness is never wasted. It always makes a difference. It blesses the one who receives them, and blesses you, the giver.

gOod luck =)

selamat berjaya...kami sentiase menyOkong anda...caiyok2

Lagu buat beca man

Uncle Beca Uncle Beca di tengah jalan
cari derma untuk buat kebajikan
putar putar putar kaki mengayuh
pergi jauh keringat pun lalu jatuh
Dari pagi hingga matahari terbenam
Dari Kota Melaka ke Pulau Pinang
hujan panas tiada merintangimu
Uncle Beca Uncle Beca Uncle Beca

Uncle beca

Great persons are able to do great kindnesses. I believe you must be a great person.

Good luck mate!

Good luck mate!

Big Boss

Good luck with your project, I just provided a link to your site on my facebook profile. Stanmore Mafia ola!

rough rider

the journey to penang will be full of challenges ,especially the route that you be travelling. take care and have a memorable journey..the nation will be rooting for you to complete this mission, and i am sure the contributions will be supportive.

Specially Thanks

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