The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Trishaw @ de Weddings!

Another “SUPER STAR” invitation / reception for my trishaw and for the very first time is in the heart and soul of Kuala Lumpur city. I didn’t cycle there though, she went on a lorry. He! He! Well, she has been invited to attend not only one, but 2 weddings for 2 lovely couples in 8 days.

Firstly, on the 28th Nov 09 (Sat) she attended the wedding reception of Mr. Mark Ooi and Miss Jacqueline Yoong at the PJ Hilton. Jacqueline is the youngest sister of my good old school buddy, Ping Yin (Frederick).

It was back in June when Ping Yen started to ask me about my trishaw and infact, in the back of his mind he wasn’t too sure if I can manage to complete my charity journey before his sister’s wedding. Ha! Ha! Ha! If we were still on the road until now, I guess we would have been going round the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and who knows too, might be on our way to China after crossing Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Wow! What a fantastic journey that would be. Relax, let me Dream On a little bit la!

Being a ‘Nyonya‘,  you can easily guess the theme was a Peranakan wedding reception (Well done for keeping the tradition alive) and my trishaw certainly added some spark into the whole event of the evening. It was a surprise for the guests and the moment the MC announced of the arrival of the new wedding couple, Mark paddled his wife into the ballroom on the trishaw. Wow! Everybody was stunned and gave a BIG cheer for the wedding couple. Eeeer, a pilot on a trishaw? You don‘t see that very often, too!

6th Dec 09 (Sun) was the second wedding reception she attended at Hakka Restaurant KL. T-Rex (trishaw name) has never been so busy and occupied with such glamour invitations apart from grueling workouts especially during the charity ride and on training courses.

Ms Cindy Mok first contacted me sometime in October (I think) enquiring about trishaw. She got my contact thru google search engine that lead her to my webpage. After a few sms and phone calls, I decided to lend her my trishaw but with condition she will have to arrange her own transportation and must make sure my trishaw come back to me in her good condition.  

T-Rex was decorated in a Chinese traditional costume. She looked lovely and elegant in her red ‘cheong-sum’ for the wedding of Mr Chong Hee Keong and Miss Cindy Mok. Just like M&J wedding at the Hilton, Mr Chong officiated the wedding dinner by riding the trishaw into the banquet hall together with Cindy, and with a little help of 2 cuties, little bridesmaid and little groomsman who pulled the trishaw with the ropes. So cute! Hee! Hee! (still waiting for the photographs)

Well, well, well … If my trishaw could talk, she would definitely tell you how much great fun, proud and honoured she was on both wedding receptions, the attention she got and also, the decoration / make up she received. She’s the PRINCESS of the day, no doubt about it! (checkout the photos). After the 2 wedding receptions I only hope that she won’t raise up her expectation on me Ha! Ha! Ha!  

I lent my trishaw / service for FREE of charge. But, as in Chinese tradition, I must admit that I did receive the red packet “ang pow” for my trishaw service. As predicted, I told them earlier that I’ll donate any money they gave me to charity and put it under their good names, too. On this particular event / service (my mini project), I decided what I have always planned to do … donating the fund to the 3 temples in Harmony Street of Malacca.

Jalan Tukang Besi is called Harmony Street because the temples and mosques of the three religions of Malaysia are located peacefully in the same small street: Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Kampong Kling Mosque and Sri Vinayagar Temple. Furthermore, I will donate to Malacca St Peter’s Church too.     

Special offer / service open to ALL supporters: If you’re in town and would like to go on a Malacca Historical Town tour on my trishaw, please contact me (in advance). I can give u a ‘GUIDED TOUR’ ride (refreshment h20 included) for FREE but with only one condition you’ll make donations (any amount of your kind willingness) to the above 4 temples in Malacca. That’s fair enough, I think and furthermore, you get to do your part for charity……GOD Bless!


Hi Lau Tah

We wish you a "Happy Birthday" and hope you like the BECA birthday cake!

May Buddha showers his blessings over you! Take care...


Dear Frankie,

Today is a gift of life, today it's your bithday.We just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams. You are not just a year older, but a year better. Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years.
Have a wonderful day and fabulous year!

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