The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!



Hi ALL! Once again, thank you very much for all your support, help, encouragement and donation to those in need and seriously, without ALL OF YOU is nothing and may not even happen in the first place.

Well, due to the encouraging response and valuable experience, I am now thinking about having theTrishawman2 in 2011/2. I have mentioned since the beginning of our charity event that it will not be our last. So, here we are again! But, this time we will need more time to plan and work on the project.

Anyway, it's just a plan on a blank sheet for now and this time a proper planning is a MUST because we are targeting Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak), an unfamiliar ground for all of us. Wild ambition it is but really, we are not talking about 'trishawing / becaing' in those tough, challenging and torturing terrain condition but ...... mountain biking perhaps. Still tough! Yes for sure, I know. ‘It’s just a plan!’

One thing for sure, I guess 'Gila' / Crazy is not applicable to us anymore after we had proven what we can actually do to achieve our goal.

theTrishawman2 TransBorneo will remain as our bold statement ambition for now. This project would need corporate sponsorship if it will happen. Please allow us to dream on for awhile, until then!

Anyway, even if our TransBorneo ambition did not take off at the end of the day,... thetrishawman2 will still continue with its project 'B', ’C’ or ’D’ for charity. Well, even though I didn't announce it on my blog at most of the time, but to those who know us, thetrishawman is still very much alive and kicking and actively involved with charity organisations and events here and there until today and it didn't stop and die off altogether ever since our charity trip to Penang.

So right now, we are looking for new recruits; volunteers, supporters and sponsorship.
If you think you can and would like to help and be part of this charity family group, please do not hesitate to contact us at:, or

We would appreciate anyone out there with the local knowledge (especially) to come forward with as many suggestions, plans, advice and etc etc etc, as possible.

Thanks in advance! 

Kind Regards
frankie and theTrishawman TEAM

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