The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!


Happy 4th Anniversary to My Dear Family (team players, supporters and well-wishers)

4 years has passed and it seems like a long time ago.  It has been a long road but the road ahead is still very far away. I am so happy to say that the bond between ALL of us in thetrishawman Family has grown and is getting even closer and stronger with time.  We are always there for each other and even though we are just a small family, we can still do wonders and make things happen.

We respect each other and we cherish our friendship, with that simple reason ... we keep moving forward. 

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, my dear friends.

We have raised more than RM500,000 for charity organisations when we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary (and that amount does not include those events that we have co-hosted, assisted and helped) … no big deal … and since then we have stopped counting because we do not measure money as our success. But, to be able to give away our time, our energy, our support and our total commitment + love is something more important and meaningful to us. On top of everything else, I am so glad and honour to say is the awareness that we managed to create and pull all together time after time for Charity and that is really something that we honestly proud of.

Do you know that the best gift we get in every charity that we are involved in .... is the true FRIENDSHIP.

When we first started 4 years ago, I am pretty sure you have heard me saying this, if we could change just 1 person's life, we have succeeded in our charity work.  But over the years and after many charities and social works and commitments ... 'I realised that our charity work has changed me instead in a big way’

Well. probably it could be a blessing from our charity work .... ‘little ANGEL’ must be watching over me...i have found my "enlightenment", in a way.  Money is getting smaller to me but as i live a simple life all my life ... and that keeps me going on and on and on…..  Life is so much simpler for me now than ever.

Honestly, I feel that I am rich, … not in terms of financially (don't get me wrong please) but deep inside…. I have been enriched. In another word, i realised that I no longer need to have the many things in life and suddenly I have surplus in everything surrounded me…. and I THANK GOD for that, and my great family. 

I am so glad to know that some of thetrishawman family feel the same way, too …. and I hope the same goes to you!!!!

For those who know me well,  I am the sort of person who enjoy my life, "a lot", i mean. Thanks to my family, I was allowed to explore on my own at a very young age. Mind you, life can be very tough when you are on your own at a foreign land. However, I survived and I enjoyed the struggle!!! The experience I gained while being away is somehow money cannot buy.

We are not rich but we are happy.... and when things get tough, the tough gets going.
I love myself, too much in fact. I love and enjoy my life and I live and play to the max all the time.

I guess this year i am writing with a little twist hehehe! Nothing to boast about … our action speak louder than words.  

Thank you ALL for walking together along our path.

Here's wishing ALL OF U Good Luck, Good Health and Happiness Always.

Please enjoy yourself, my friend ............ and take care

Love Truly
frankie tan ... just another trishawman

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