The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

We Are Ready

1 day and 8 hours more to go before the BIG day (06/06/09) and also before we begin this interesting journey.

It has been a long 6 months planning since I confirmed going ahead with this mission.  Its a long wait and hats off to my family, all my team players, the ’Sun-Chaser’, my neighbours, my friends, people who have supported and contributed to this cause and donated to these charity organisations and Hey! THANK U ALL for helping me and making this event a reality rather than just a dream. Thank you very much for all your effort, time and energy especially to those  involved in this project.

This event is nothing and VOID without ALL OF YOU and once again I must stress that the battle is already half won because of you all. Everyone plays an important task and to ALL OF YOU, this journey is not only for me but for you too.  You are already a part of this Trishaw / Beca Man BIG Family. Do follow my progress. Don’t worry  as you don’t have to ride and bake under the sun or shower and sing in the rain like we do, but just enjoy the journey, the virtual way. He! He! He!

As time is drawing nearer and my heart is pumping faster only due to some anxiety and excitement but I just want to say that WE ARE READY. I have never known the meaning of perfect preparation being a ‘last-minute’ person but this is being so far the best preparation I ever made. Fitness and training I think I am on top of it and rather fit too.

Health concern, I am good except on my right ankle where it can hurt me a little sometimes. (Shhh! Sis, don’t have to tell mum about this!!!) That was due to Chikungunya I had since September last year. Though I have fully recovered but the right ankle joint pain still hurts at times. Anyway, that little little pain won’t stop / deter me from going on this mission. Hey! When you had a scare of your life this is nothing compared, man! 

Honestly, when I had this chikungunya fever, I can’t even walk properly and the joint-pain on both my ankles and fingers were just killing me and I had high fever too, which made it  even worst. On that instant moment, I thought I had a minor stroke. Hey! I felt that the whole world was collapsing on me, no joke. Thank God I was fine.

From ‘THE’ one week experience, the way I took it now, especially when health is concern ….. No matter how strong and well we are, our live can changed in an instant.   Therefore, do not take things for granted and life is short. So, to be able to do what you wish while you can beats anything and everything else, and won’t regret for not doing  them at all when we can.
On the journey itself, I would say the main concern that I have is on the safety of all my riders. I will pray and hope that all of us will have a safe and sound journey throughout this mission. I am responsible for all my riders and team members in a way you know.

The journey ahead should be challenging. Besides the weather factor, we will be battling with the tough terrain condition at some part of the journey and the hilly part especially at the north. Overall, the coaster area will be scenic and with more interesting and beautiful nature condition and the roads are rather flat at some places, however, we will be struggling if we are against the wind.   

Donation: I am very happy and so glad some of my personal friends have came forward and helped me out. The journey may be tough but to raise funds is another ball game all together and seriously, to be able to raise (>RM100K) at such a short period of time and with little publicity is well above my expectation. However, I sincerely hope that the media will cover this event on national wide basis rather than merely on a state edition, then more people will be aware of this charity event and will come forward and donate generously.

Tick Tok! Tick Tok! Tick Tok! The final countdown...........

Gd Luck, Safe Journey & Have Fun!

Lautah, congratulations! Am sure your presence in this world has brought smiles, happiness and loving thoughts to many. 'Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to ppl around him'.

Bro,make sure all have enough

Bro,make sure all have enough rest, drink a lot of water etc...Let us know when will u nad the sun chaser teams will reached penang...May Allah, Buddha , Vishnu and all the MIGHTY GODs will protect u and the teams to have a safe journey.

Bro, we are all behind u, may

Bro, we are all behind u, may u n the sun chaser teams have a safe journey...

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