Misi Tercapai pada hari ke-21!

CHARITY SALE from Malacca Autism Society (Persatuan Autisma Melaka Tengah) @ Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, Malacca

If you could spare a few hours of your time this weekend for the following schedule for the charity sale at Dataran Pahlawan for 3 consecutive weeks:
a)  25th (Fri) till  27th (Sun) June 2010 (10AM- 8PM)
b) 2nd   (Fri)  till  4th  (Sun) July 2010  (10AM - 8PM)
c) 9th    (Fri)  till  11th(Sun) July 2010   (10AM - 8PM)
Kindly feel free and join us (the trishawman team) by supporting the children and families affected by autism (Persatuan Autisma Melaka Tengah). 
We will be helping, assisting, manning and selling the following items during the charity sales, which were ALL fully sponsored (100%) by the following generous and kind hearted companies in Melaka:
Sponsored products on charity sale:                                       
Sponsors                       Items for sale                         Special Price
Kiko                    Kiko children T-shirt, skirt, pants            RM10 @ piece
                           Kiko adult T- shirt
O Creative Trading      Alladdin Magic Mop                        RM10 @ piece
T-shirt for "Walk For Autism 2010"                                    RM15 @ piece
Hatten Group S/B        Dataran Pahlawan Megamall        Offering booth space for free.

Together, please come and join us by giving a helping hand to the children and families affected by autism. By the way, my Trishaw will be there too you know, hoping to attract as many crowds, supporters, families and friends.
It would be a fun day for all of us, I can assure you.
* Together We Can Make A Difference *

Mr. Frankie Tan - You are a Great Volunteer !

V is for the Very special people that you are
O is for the Overwhelming support & compassion you offer others during their time of need
L is for the Little things you do that make such a difference in someone's life
U is for the Unspoken words that sometimes mean just as much
N is for the Need you fill when others aren't able
T is for the Time you give of yourselves on top of your own busy schedules
E is for the Emotional support you continually give
E is also for the Endless energy you all seem to possess
R is for the Responsibility you have taken on & never once complained

Once again on behalf of all the children and families of the Autism Society of Central Malacca, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you for your great volunteer service and helping Mei Kuan in time of need.

You are truly making a difference in the lives of children and families affected by autism.

Thank you very much.

May God bless you and your family continually and abundantly.............

Specially Thanks

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