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Kent Lo

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Hobby: Gadget related, e.g. computer, GPS, hand phone...

Hello everbody, I'm the one who cracked his head to build this website.

I met with Frankie via Vincent, right before Lunar New Year 2009,  I have been told about this charity cause and they need a website to anounce this wonderful cause. While I'm quite interested in web designing, I volunteered the job.

I wish to contribute something for charity, and this cause really given me a chance to contribute my effort and skill. Now I can see it grow, healthily.

Without long, I ask Stanley to join in, as the website's "promotion manager", as he got a large group of contacts and links - since his own blog is attracting avg. 400 visitors daily.

Anyway, everyone's contribution is valuable for creating a  caring society.

Wings Malacca Graduation and Thanks Giving

Yellow brother,

I saw you guys today at Wings Malacca and thought I'd be the 1st to share and the 1st to reach the net today, since you guys are still having a good time at the Wings.

Well, surprise surprise, I was the one who shoke your hand outside the gate when you were trying to get a breather therapy hehehe, and I shoke Frankie's hand immediately after the crowd rushed to the makan table. So sweet, he had to put down his drink and gifts to oblige a hand shake. I wanted to speak to you all abit more and get to know the rest as well but I 'kesian' la, you guys must have been asked about the same things over and over and over and over and over la 'pengsan'. I'm glad I was there, cos the chair person is a very honourable, responsible, charitable, capable, lovable, special individual, and a very wise one of a kind lady with steely determination and anyone who crosses her path will tell you the same. A Right Hand Angel of God I would say, definitely! You sweet guys remind me of her also and abit of my self (kkkkkhaha self praise is no praise)

Okay, this is free marketing for you.. Ready..! Ladies Gentleman and Children, you know the Beca Team, they look so humane, humble and better looking in person. I felt grounded and at peace in their presence. I could feel very good, healthy vibes or chi or energy around them. Mrs.Yammy Ang exudes the same type of vibes as with all good people. Mrs.Yammy Ang is very pretty too...;0)

You will be humbled too if you were there being observant enough today. So, single women!! What are you waiting for..hahaha. The Beca Team Men very shy-shy type (humble and grounded), but really good people and the men looked handsome and younger than their age. Its in the eyes of the beholder anyways... There goes your advertisement.. Truthfully and thankfully, nothing like being there, life in person. So all of you out there, whether you just got to know them (Beca Team and Wings Melaka, Mrs Yammy Ang) or have heard of them long ago, who havent reached out yet, you must try to make it an effort to be around or be like them. So please begin to support them sincerely where you can with manual energy, any kind of free work, small money, big money, sincere money hehehe, and any help is great help! I got to know them late, cause' I was immersed in work, didnt even have time to read my mails, read the paper or hear news, sometimes forget my meals. Its never too late, I can still contribute now and in the future. I made an effort to be part of their simple yet meaningful gathering because I didnt have time before.

I trust Mrs.Yammy Ang, thats why I went to attend todays function, to show my moral support for her cause (the children and their parents too) and yours (Beca Team). As her friend and service provider (she's a friend and my special favourite client and teacher, yup I feel like you are my teacher too Yammy!) I bet numerous people will say the same of her, especially her family, her so loving and supportive husband and children. I thank you and congratulate you (Beca Team) for picking the right NGO, for.. only the sincere, hardworking and honest Team or Individuals be blessed and prevail at the end of the day.

I'm quite the outdoor type and indoor type as well, depends on what you call me for. Please count me in, or at least try to contact me to find out which part of the map I'm in, so I could be of some help, big or small. Even if you have any 'curry function' hehehe, I will be much obliged to chip in. Like..., I like to say... "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" At least cross each other's paths for sure, somehow :O)

Much Much Much Love
Warmest And Best Regards

Specially Thanks

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