Misi Tercapai pada hari ke-21!

Hi! Nama saya Frankie, dan saya sempena 'Cuti-cuti Malaysia' dan pengiftirafan Melaka sebagai Bandaraya Warisan Dunia pada tahun lalu akan mengayuh Beca Warisan Melaka dari Melaka ke Pulau Pinang. Pada masa yang sama, saya akan menolong mangisi tabung yayasan untuk 4 pertubuhan kebajikan, termasuk NCBM, WAO, WINGS and Malacca SPCA.

Saya tidak melakukan misi ini atas sebab membawa keuntungan atau untuk mencipta sejarah mahupun untuk memecahkan sebarang rekod tetapi semata-mata bagi tujuan kebajikan.Diharap anda dapat menderma dengan seikhlasnya kerana setiap sen membawa 1,000 makna.

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Thank you for visiting my fund raising website.
Thanks A Million to ALL my sponsors and everyone who have supported and donated in this Trishaw / Beca Man charity event.
A very warm and BIG thank you to all my family members for believing in me and their never ending support. Also to one particular person my good friend, Vincent Low who's always there for me. Without him, I guess this project would not have run as smoothly as it is today. We have been working together on this project since from the beginning, day one. Thank you for everything, mate.
To Kent and Stanley (my IT and Marketing / Promotion guys) really appreciate for your kind support and endless time spend on this project. I will definitely miss our discussions and meetings at our so-called offices (any cafes around town with free WI-FI) during my journey. Also, three cheers ‘Yam Seng’ to my team players and ‘Sun-Chasers’ team.

Full Service

Yesterday I made my final pit stop at Mr. Ng’s bicycle workshop, before I begin my journey next Saturday.
It was a complete check-out. The full-service and maintenance work were done by both Mr. Ng and Mr. Yee. Mr. Ng started off first by checking the three wheels: spokes, rims and hubs. Both the back wheels were fine except for the front wheel which was a bit shaky. Mr Ng showed me how to feel the vibration, then he took out the front wheel, unscrewed and opened the hub. He changed a new set of ball bearings then covered them with plenty of grease to hold them nicely into position. 9 ball bearings onto each side to be exact. It can be less 1 or 2 ball bearings but nothing more. Before giving it a last tightening, Mr Ng checked and make sure the wheel and the ball bearings ran smoothly and into the correct position as it should be.

'The Sun-Chaser'

Hi! I am proud to present you today ‘the sun chaser’ team; These gentlemen have came forward and confirmed joining me in the trishaw ride since months ago. They are prepared to bake under the sun and go through the physical test together with me. Hats off to them!
Time flies and in the next 2 weeks The Sun-Chaser team will be flagging off from A’ Famosa Fort, Malacca and our 1st stopover is to Pengkalan Balak (45km).
As previously mentioned, the journey will lead us to Pengkalan Balak, Port Dickson, Sepang, Tanjong Sepat, Morib, Banting, Tek Panglima Garang, Klang, Jeram, Kuala Sungai Selangor, Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam, Kampung Baru, Lumut, Segari, Pantai Remis, Terong, Changkat Jering, Selinsing, Masjid Tinggi, Parit Buntar, Nibong Tebal, Jawi, Bukit Tengah, Kg Bukit Mintyak, Butterworth and KOMTAR, Penang.

BM 0202; the Magic number

Hey look! That's my official trishaw / beca license YAHOOO OO! 

 Last Friday I got the good news from Vincent that Malacca Council has decided to give me the trishaw license. I have waited for it for a long long long time. Here, I must thank our Malacca Chief Minister (YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam) for the state endorsement and support letter, Mr Alex Lye (our Local Councilor) and not forgetting Vincent for his tireless and never-give-up attitude for getting this license.

A visit to WINGS Melaka

Tick! Tok! Tick! Tok!
Time is ticking away. 17 more days before the BIG day: It has been a long road and I can imagine the journey ahead on and after the flag off would be an even longer but an interesting one. Excited? YES, of course I Am but at the same time, I have so many things to do and seems like time is running short.
On Monday and Tuesday, I went to WINGS Melaka as a special guest. I was invited to visit children with special needs and their parents and to share with them about my 06/06/09 mission. I went there with my trishaw and was accompanied by my KL friend, Sam on Monday and Kent on Tuesday). 

Donation Surmount RM45k!

Thank you for everyone's kind and generous support, the total donation collected for 4 charitable organisations has surmount RM45k!! (some donations still in process).

If you have donated, please make sure your name is on our Donation List. Kindly check! Otherwise contact or email us at: contact@thetrishawman.com

Looking forward for more supporters.


Walk Into The Breakfast Show @ NTV7

This morning it was the most nerve cracking moment for me since a long long while. Well, I am honored to be invited by NTV7 in their favourite live “The Breakfast Show”.

LIVE Interview? Seriously, I knew I’ll be putting myself not only in the firing squad but to get myself embarrassed in front of so many viewers on TV. Then why took up their invitation offer in the very first place? Well, The Trishaw / Beca Man (www.thetrishawman.com) is not about who I am, the trishaw and neither its about the journey, but it’s ALL about the charity event. In order to raise funds and

support for these charity organisations, my team and I will try our very best to promote this charitable cause and I am prepared to do anything for it.

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