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Halloween Party for kids

UJONG PASIR - A Kind-hearted family of Lorong 1 of Taman Pertam Jaya near here held for the first time held a Halloween party for nephews, nieces, younger cousins and neighborhood kids.

Its chief organizer, Frankie Tan who personally took time to carve out Halloween icons from pumpkins and watermelons said that not only the kids had fun but also neighbours had the opportunity to interact with one and other.

A week earlier, Tan took the initiative to invite all neighbors and told Melaka Hari Ini (MHI) that he was surprised and proud to get neighbors to respond to the event. Tan who hosted a simply buffet dinner also invited with family members and relatives.

All had a great time interacting with each other while enjoying the delicacy provided by Tan.

The highlight of the night was home visit by kids dressed in costumes resembling all sorts of creatures and witches knocked on the front door. The neighbours were expected to show trick or give a them or treat, Hence, the term 'Trick or Treat'.

Year 5 Primary boy, Vinton Jonah who came dressed like a pirate monster and a plastic sword was happy because it was his first time experiencing Halloween. "I have heard and seen Halloween on television shows but witnessing one is indeed an experience," he added.

Tan told MHI that with the support of neighbours he would make Halloween Night of Taman Pertam Jaya an annual event.

(News Publish in Malaka Hari Ini on 26 October 2008.)

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