The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Hi! My name is Frankie and I am on a mission to visit ‘cuti-cuti’ Malaysia by TRISHAW also known as ‘BECA’ and at the same time, raise funds for 4 charitable organisations, namely NCBM, WAO, WINGS and Malacca SPCA.

100% OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORTED CHARITY ORGANISATIONS. Kindly donate generously because every cent we raise really makes a lot of difference. Dig Deep!!!

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Happy Wesak Day

Wishing All of You and Family Good Luck, Good Health and Happiness on Wesak Day and Always.

For the second year running my trishaw and I participated in Wesak Day procession organized by Seck Kia Eenh (SKE) temple, last night. Well, I got myself involved last year when my buddy, Ho Meng gave me a last minute emergency phone-call and asked for a favour. His mother-in-law has always booked for a trishaw ride on the Wesak Day procession with one trishaw rider but unfortunately, the trishaw rider has fallen ill on that day.

So, that’s how I got myself involved. It was really fun, my first experience and the longest journey I ever peddled too, at that time and gave me the chance to go round the town area. Now talking about it,… I feel so guilty as charged. I have never collected any money before from anyone taking on my trishaw ride, as it was all only for the fun (and exercise) and nothing else.

Endorsed by the Malacca State Government

Hi! 3 days ago my friend, Ms Varsha Ajmera accompanied me to see our Chief Minister YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam at his office. I wanted to request for Malacca State Government Endorsement on my mission.

The purpose: simply because it would be so much easier for us to approach the authorities (the police, local council, etc) with the Malacca state government endorsement letter. I know for sure when we arrive at Lumut and before catching a ferry to Pangkor Island, we may have to find a place to park / keep my trishaw for 2-3 days (unless I can take my trishaw along on the ferry). At this point I am thinking of Lumut police station, my first choice.

Secondly, I am planning to do a log book record of places where we passing through. Again, I will go to the police station, get my logbook timestamp and signoff by the officer on duty. Hope I can manage to pursuade the officer/s for photograph session too, for my “United Faces of Malaysia” photo album.

The Forgotten Heroes

About a month ago, while chatting to some of the old retirees and some friends at the A' Famosa Fort area, (one of my favourites hangout place) suddenly Robert (a friend who sells souvenir key chain) asked if I knew about a group of trishaw riders who were once went around the whole of Malaysia many years ago on a nationwide project. NO! That was something new to me. They all knew about my mission of going to Penang by trishaw.
Unfortunately, Robert can't tell me much about it and when I asked around among the trishaw riders, I got negative results too. So, I went home and Google search on these story but unfortunately, I found no news at all. What Robert said was interesting and fascinating to me. I really want to meet this unsung heroes. I want to learn more from them and to seek for their advice and their priceless experience. 

Another Special Invitation!

On the 1st May, 83 Classic Mini Cars from all over Malaysia met in Malacca, a yearly event organised by Seong Yeong Motors Sdn Bhd. I am delighted and honoured to be invited together with my trishaw (a special guest) by the event organiser Mr. Tristan Ng (my good friend). A Mini enthusiast /lover myself, we had good fun and infact, my very first time participating in such event. A good day out! 

As usual, my trishaw attracted many mini lovers to come and take a closer look at her, too. I have made a few new friends and they invited me to drop by their place if I ever come to their town during my journey. I was helping Tristan taking photographs on the event and also, a good way of promoting my charity event to as many people as possible. 

Hectic Days, Happy Days!

It has been a very busy week for me and a very tiring one too. Actually, I have stepped up another level on my training regime, a final push toward the flag off day, 6th June. I have been doing jogging or cycling and ‘trishaw-ing/beca-ing’ of any combination in the morning and evening too, whenever I can. Every night when I hit home at 10:30 or 11:00, my mind will be just too tired for me to do anything else. Then the next morning I will start my training again at around 6 or 7 depending on my schedule.

Trishaw-ing at night around the town area is rather fun, cooling and no sunburn, of cause. I just trishaw around the town areas laps after laps. Friday and Saturday night is a No-Go area when the tourist invading the whole town.


Space Invader!!!

Dead stray dogs and cats on our roads are a common sight. But along the AMJ highway, so far I have seen many dead wild animals namely snakes, monitor lizards, monkeys, fox and 2 days ago, I witnessed a dead pangolin (scaly anteater) on the road before the Merlimau traffic light junction. (example photograph of a Pangolin)

Besides all these dead wild animals, there are also frogs, all kind of insects, butterflies and birds which are common sight too.  Isn't t that sad?  Who is to be blamed?   Have you ever wonder whether we are invading their space or vice versa.

All these animals which were once so beautiful but are now lying dead on the street.  This is definitely not a pleasant sight to view and I never have any intention to take any photographs, however, I just want to share this with you all.  Always cherish the beauty of nature!   

Human Solar Panel

IF I am a solar panel, my body could have easily absorbed and collected enough heat and energy from the sun to generate and run electricity power for my home. That’s how I feel every day after my training.

Well, that’s how hot it can be (without me telling you more about it) the afternoon weather in our country. Honestly, anyone seating beside me can actually feel the heat coming out from my body. It has been awhile now that I’ve been sleeping on the floor (marble slaps) every night before moving up to my bed after early in the morning or just slept through it, all because of the body heat. For that simple reason I tend to push forward and start my training at around 5AM so that I can come home and have a good rest before 1 or 2 PM.


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