The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Hi! My name is Frankie and I am on a mission to visit ‘cuti-cuti’ Malaysia by TRISHAW also known as ‘BECA’ and at the same time, raise funds for 4 charitable organisations, namely NCBM, WAO, WINGS and Malacca SPCA.

100% OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORTED CHARITY ORGANISATIONS. Kindly donate generously because every cent we raise really makes a lot of difference. Dig Deep!!!

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Back Home

Dear Friends,

I am back in Malacca now.  
Thank you ALL for your warm, kind and generous support toward this charity event.
Your monetary / donation contributions for the 4 Charity Organisations are really appreciated and YOU, have helped in making this a meaningful and successful cause. Once again, I thank you for joining me and my entire team in this journey and most importantly, your trust and believe in us.    

It has been one hell of a great experience for us.

While we were in Penang, I had been fallen ill but fortunately we were already on the last leg of our journey. However, that didn’t stop me from completing my last few assignments: Penang Photo Gallery, our visit to the memorable St Nicholas’ home and not forgetting too, trying out the local delicacies of many hawker food stalls and durians.

Day: 20 (Butterworth)

Dear ALL! Another brief report from me. I wish I could update you our Langkawi experience while we were there, but unfortunately the wireless connection was so bad. I will update you on those ’Missing Days’ in the next few days while in Penang, I hope, otherwise when I get home. .
I can imagine I will be extremely busy while in Penang working on my Image Gallery and at the same time on the 30th June (Tuesday) we will be visiting St Nicholas Home at 3 PM, organized by National Council for the  Blinds, Malaysia.
The Sun-Chaser Team will be going into Penang by ferry tomorrow at 10:30 AM. We will be met by 2 Penang trishaws and escorted us to the Cititel Hotel. Penang State Executive Councillor for Tourism, YB Mr Danny Law, will be there to welcome the trishawman team members. Once again, we want to thank Cititel Penang (CHM) for sponsoring our accommodation during our stay in Penang.

Latest Update!!!

Date: 25th June (Thursday)     Time: 15:30
We are in Batu Hampar, Yan Besar, Kedah now. Staying in Putri Ayu Chalet at the foot of Jerai Mountain (G. Jerai).
We will continue with our journey to Butterworth tomorrow moring and on Saturday,.... PENANG here we come!!!!!   

Day: 17 (Sg. Petani - Kuala Kedah - Langkawi Island)

This morning we left Sg Petani at 4.15. The weather was quite hazy and along the journey so far we had no problem but, this morning all of us can feel that our throat got very dry and have to consume more water.

On this stretch of our journey we have 4 peddlers / riders; Wei Peng, Meng Chwen, Ricky Soh and I. The road was flat and as expected, paddy field on both side of the road. So, the journey was flat, smooth and easy.

After a 2 hours journey, we stopped at Gurun for our breakfast. The people we met along these stretch were friendly and that made our ride more enjoyable.

Arrived Kuala Kedah at 9.10 AM and after I got my log journal signed off by the Kuala Kedah Police Chief, we went to make enquiry about cargo transportation for my trishaw. Apparently cargo shipment starts only in the evening and arrive the following day in Langkawi Island. Timing wasn’t right for us and so we decided to leave our car and trishaw in the police station instead. The police chief was kind and granted us the permission to do so.

Day: 16 (Parit Buntar - Sungai Petani)


It was the toughest journey for me so far but I was glad that we have managed to go through it.

The three of us did a 80 KM ++ journey from Parit Buntar to Sungai Petani. We started our journey this morning at 4:55 and arrived at Sungai Petani Police Station just after 11 AM. 

I wasn’t feeling too good today (not in my 100%) due to some cold and flu but I was still OK and determined to keep the journey going. The ride was good though I must admit. Strangely, on the first leg of my ride I managed to cover the distance of 15 KM in 50 minutes. The road was rather flat anyway and I bet those preparation and training sessions along the AMJ highway in Malacca before the journey has helped and been put into test.


Hi! I have an announcement to make this evening.
We have arrived at Parit Buntar this afternoon. The journey across to Penang Island is just a stone throw away for us now considering the mileage that we have covered so far. 
Here, AGAIN I want to take this opportunity to say A Million Thank You to ALL OF YOU who have donated so far to this humble The Trishaw / Baca Man charity event. I am very grateful to acknowledge that ALL OF YOU have helped me in a big way making this such a meaningful and successful event.
To me, right deep in my heart I just don’t know how to thank ALL OF YOU enough and to show how I really appreciate your sincere kindness and generosity,….. I want to announce that I want to continue with our journey up north and I am going to dedicate the following journey to ALL OF YOU and not forgetting too, my FAMILY MEMBERS, TEAM PLAYERS, NEIGHBOURS and FRIENDS.
Change of plan and now from Parit Buntar we are going to continue with our journey tomorrow morning toward Kuala Kedah then to Langkawi Island. From there we will be taking the coastal road back to Butterworth and finally to our final destination, Penang.

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