The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Hi! My name is Frankie and I am on a mission to visit ‘cuti-cuti’ Malaysia by TRISHAW also known as ‘BECA’ and at the same time, raise funds for 4 charitable organisations, namely NCBM, WAO, WINGS and Malacca SPCA.

100% OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORTED CHARITY ORGANISATIONS. Kindly donate generously because every cent we raise really makes a lot of difference. Dig Deep!!!

In the beginning... (read more)

Day: 2 (Pengkalan Balak - Port Dickson)

We got up at around 4.15 AM and left Pengkalan Balak at 5.05AM when most people were still soundly asleep. About an hour journey later, we can see lightning and hear the thunder from some distance away from sea, a sign of rain was coming soon. Not long later it was drizzling and luckily just a passing rain that we were caught in and if we were to hit that area earlier, we will definitely be soaking wet, Again!.

Day: 1 (Malacca - Pengkalan Balak)

Dear ALL

Hi! Today is the third day of our journey and we have arrived safe and sound in Morib, N Sembilan, about  170km ++ distance from Malacca. We are at the beach front area right now and my other Sun-Chaser team members are resting, surveying the seaside and roaming around the chalet area. By the way, this chalet with-no-name (really there’s no sign board at all at the entrance, which I am curious to know and will find out later too ) and is managed by a lady worker.

I didn’t get the chance to give you an update the past 2 days of our journey but thanks to both Kent and Stanley for posting the Flag-Off Day photographs in Image Gallery. Pictures alone can tell a thousand stories.

Sorry for the long silence! We are still surviving [alive and kicking :)]

Dear ALL
Apologize for the long silence. I know I have been and kept very quiet for the past few days but it’s all due to the overwhelming response we got from the many well wishers and family members who came and supported us since the flagging off day and also, I just only managed to activate my wireless broadband connection. We are now in Morib, about 170 ++ KM away from home, Malacca.
Thank you for those who have called and the non-stop SMS asking our whereabout and how are we keeping? We are fine and still in good shape. I will be updating my blogs soon.


We Are Ready

1 day and 8 hours more to go before the BIG day (06/06/09) and also before we begin this interesting journey.

It has been a long 6 months planning since I confirmed going ahead with this mission.  Its a long wait and hats off to my family, all my team players, the ’Sun-Chaser’, my neighbours, my friends, people who have supported and contributed to this cause and donated to these charity organisations and Hey! THANK U ALL for helping me and making this event a reality rather than just a dream. Thank you very much for all your effort, time and energy especially to those  involved in this project.

The Trishawman Kit

When you least expect it, it happens!!! This was what happened to me exactly a couple of weeks ago when a friend, Joanne Khoo called and told me that her husband, Mr Goh Seou Khiang would like to sponsor jerseys for our riders. They (Lenggor Manufacturing Co. Sdn. Bhd.) are garment manufacturer based in Muar, Johor and all their products are solely for exports only.

New Friend Found!

Hey! Look who I met this afternoon, my fellow comrade from the north. When North meets South!
I was riding my trishaw along the Jalan Merdeka area, Newton Culture Food Village when suddenly I saw this Penang trishaw on display at the side area of the Food Village. I told myself that I will have to make a stopover so that my trishaw could take photographs together with her new friend found.
That was the one and only Penang trishaw I ever seen in Malacca.                                          


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