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ME, my BECA and my Grandma

The reason behind the idea of getting a beca was all only because of my grandma. She was unable to walk and while pushing her on a wheelchair for a stroll around the housing estate at one fine evening, something out of nowhere just strike my mind! Why don’t I go and look for a beca!!! I can take my grandma for a longer and further distance ride.

Being an active person, car wasn’t an immediate choice for me and even going around town and surrounding areas I would have chosen a bicycle anyway at anytime. (That was last year in 2008 when I just came back for good from Europe after been away for the last 10 years)

From that instant moment, I gave few phone calls to my friends looking for beca. I went to look for beca riders at the Clock Tower to enquire and my friend, Ivan also arranged for me to look at a few becas which are available for sale. Those are restored beca ready-for-business like those ones you see on Malacca streets.

Then on the 26/03/08 my friend, Ms Judy Lee informed me that her father has got a beca at the back garden. He used to take the grandchildren around the housing estate too and since they have grown up, they have shown less interest on the beca rides and that’s why it was then left at the back garden. All thanks to Judy, she managed to persuade her father to let go the beca and arranged for me to have a look at it. I say ‘YES’ the moment I saw the beca and it’s like love at the first sight. Condition wise wasn’t that great but to me that can be restored. I arranged a pick up lorry on the same day itself.


Not bothered if it’s not a true story, just before I push the beca out of the back garden into a waiting pick up lorry, Judy’s father told me that his beca was not just an ordinary beca. It has a history. Tun Dr Mahathir (the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia) was once taken a ride on this beca during one of his trips to Malacca by the previous owner, a ‘pakcik’. Wow! How cool can that be!!!

Well, it took me 2 weeks to stripe the whole beca until left the skeleton body. Sand paper and more sand paper, spray and re-spray before I sent it to the bicycle shop to fix the other necessary parts. Then another 2 weeks to give her a new cushion cover and finally the top shade cover. Nowadays digital world is so advance that I was left with only this photograph showing me working on the beca while the rest of the photographs were accidentally deleted from my friends camera.. Photograph courtesy of my visiting aunty to my home.

On the 16th January 2009, the demised of my beloved grandma due to old age. This has given me every reason why I must continue with my planned charity cause. Even though safety was always her main concern, however, she was 100% supporting my idea. She would have wanted me to do it anyhow. Afterall, she was all the reason I went looking and purchased this beca in the first place. Honestly, I am so glad that I came back for good for her and my family.

During that short one year period, my granny had the chance to ride on my beca until she was too weak, too fragile and too dangerous to carry her anymore onto the beca. Deep inside, I know she will be with me on this charity ride. May GOD bless her soul! A tribute to AH MAh. My family members, friends and some neighbours have also been taken a ride on my beca since I bought it. Wonderful!!!!!

WINGS Malacca 25-11-09 Graduation and Thanks Giving

Well Hi Frankie, I posted a similar comment on Kents page, just read on...

I saw you guys at Wings Malacca and thought I'd be the 1st to share and the 1st to reach the net today, since you guys may still be having a good time at Wings or have already left the function for beer somewhere..kkkk

Was hungry la, so I left early for 'makan' outside, because there was a rush at WINGS refreshment table today, and was afraid there may not be enough left for our heroes..la.. Men eat alot more then women in general mah.. I should have dragged you all out for makan, but cannot la.., today is special for WINGS and all of you are also special features for the day, so have to 'kwai-kwai' be nice and stay back, hehehe.. I escaped la, but at least I remained until photo taking was completed. The photo taking was the end of the program and then 'makan' announcement.

Well, surprise surprise, I was the one who shoke hands with Kent outside the gate when he was trying to get a breather therapy hehehe, and I shoke your hand immediately after the announcement for tea. A polite and sweet gesture indeed, you had to put down your drink and gifts to oblige a hand shake. I wanted to get to know you all abit more but I 'kesian' la, you guys must have been asked about the same things over and over and over and over and over la 'pengsan'. I'm glad I was there, cos the chair person is a very honourable, responsible, charitable, capable, lovable, special individual, and a very wise one of a kind lady with steely determination and anyone who has crossed path with her will tell you the same. A Right Hand Angel of God I would say, definitely! You sweet guys remind me of her also and abit of my self (kkkkkhaha self praise is no praise)

Okay, this is free marketing for you.. Ready..! Ladies Gentleman and Children, you know the Beca Team, they looked so humane, humble and better looking in person. I felt grounded and at peace in their presence. I could feel very good, healthy vibes or chi or energy around them. Mrs.Yammy Ang exudes the same type of vibes as with all good people. Mrs.Yammy Ang is very pretty too...;0)

You will be humbled too if you were there being observant enough today. So, single women!! What are you waiting for..hahaha. The BecaTeam of Men are the very shy-shy type (humble and grounded), but really good people and the men looked handsome and younger than their age. Its in the eyes of the beholder anyways... There goes your advertisement.. Truthfully and thankfully, nothing like being there, life in person. So all of you out there, whether you just got to know them (Beca Team and Wings Melaka, Mrs Yammy Ang) or have heard of them long ago, who havent reached out yet, you must try to make it an effort to be around or be like them. So please begin to support them sincerely where you can with manual energy, any kind of free work, small money, big money, sincere money hehehe, and any help is great help! I got to know them late, cause' I was immersed in work, didnt even have time to read my mails, read the paper or hear news, sometimes forget my meals. Its never too late, I can still contribute now and in the future. I made an effort to be part of their simple yet meaningful gathering because I didnt have time before.

I trust Mrs.Yammy Ang, thats why I went to attend todays function, to show my moral support for her cause (the children and their parents too) and yours (Beca Team). As her friend and service provider (she's a friend and my special favourite client and teacher, yup I feel like you are my teacher too Yammy!) I bet numerous people will say the same of her, especially her family, her so loving and supportive husband and children. I thank you and congratulate you (Beca Team) for picking the right NGO (WINGS Melaka, Early Intervention For Children), and for.. only the sincere, genuine, hardworking and honest Team or Individuals be blessed and prevail at the end of the day. In the midst of corrupt twisted and perverted, sick and manipulative minded people, its so comforting to know there are still genuine, honest human beings who knows how to behave and knows what a simple act of kindness can do and how far it can go on to.

I'm quite the outdoor type and indoor type as well, depends on what you call me for. Try to contact me if you or your Team would like to find out which part of the map I'm at, at any particular day, so I could be of some help, big or small. Even if you have any 'curry functions' hehehe, I will be much obliged to chip in. Like..., I like to say... "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" At least cross each other's paths somehow for a good cause :O)

Much Much Much Love
Warmest And Best Regards

You are the man.

I saw your interview in NST, Riding high on Charity mission.
You are doing a great job, unfortunately not much people know about this event.
keep it up and unlimited support for thetrishawman.

Hey Brother Frankie, You're

Hey Brother Frankie,

You're so seriously amazing!! I am so proud of you, especially your determination to make things happen! You’re really one of a kind!! Thank you for having such big heart & to make things happen. :)

You have my support brother !!!

From sunrise to sunset
is an understand FORCE
Rewarding those who
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Keep going and cycling for a better future in mankind.

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