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RM280,000 ++ : Total Fund Raised thus far .............

WE did it ..... OUR WAY! First and foremost, (AGAIN) I want to thank a million thank you to ALL thetrishawman FAMILY (team Players and Families, Friends, Sponsors and Supporters.

As we are aware, from last April until 31st July 09 during our M’cca– Penang charity ride mission, we managed to raise RM170k ++. Well, just as we thought that ‘This Is It’ more funds actually came in for these charity organisations, thanks particularly for the support from a UK company based in Singapore.

I am so grateful to all of you and because of your warm and kind support, gesture, encouragement, generosity and love..... i guess that has called upon us to continue with our cause helping those in need.

Summary fund raised from 1st August 09 – today:
RM3,500 Mr & Mrs Bonner (UK) during Walk for Autism 2001 event
RM8,000 Mr Steve E (UK) and an anonymous donor from Indonesia for helping Mei Kuan getting a car. Remember her car caught fire?

RM1,000 Mr Kumar from Pathlab Malacca during recent SPCA Dinner and Dance function.
RM500 An anonymous donor to Society of the Blind Malacca during their family day and etc etc etc.

And finally, most recently an anonymous Donor from a UK company based in Singapore and also a strong supporter of our cause has generously donated to 3 children projects of the following charity organisations:

RM32,000 St Nicholas Home, Penang (NCBM)
RM30,000 Women’s Aid Organisation, WAO and
RM31,200 WINGS Melaka
Be very proud or yourselves, my theTrishawman Family.
I am so glad and honour to say that the awareness that we have managed to create was second to none. Time and again we have people from charity organisations that came forward and thank us personally not just for what we have done for them, but most importantly, as I always believed that the ‘AWARENESS’ we created enable to reach out even farther so there’ll always be a continuality of support from the public.

Well, very often too we have individuals and many families that we don’t even know that came, greet, and thank us for what we have done or for a hand shake. Well, personally deep inside our heart, I must admit that these simple gesture and special moment can only build our human spirit even more and encourage us to continue with our charity work.

Most importantly, very happy and proud that the awareness we created have helped many charity organisations and touch many lives in one way or another.

My dear friends, to be honest with you ... still as humble as we always like to be, what you’ve read is only a little information that we wish you to know but as a matter of fact here, I must stress and thank each and every team member of theTrishawman for all their VOLUNTARILY CHARITY work. We just don’t wish to announce on every single help and event we participated but probably you would have read them in the local newspaper somehow.        

theTrishawman Team is actually still very, very much active and involve with many charity events here and there, (whenever we can OK!) though at few times regretted to say that I have to reject our service simply because we really don’t have enough manpower. Besides fund raising project, we were involved with countless charity sale projects whenever we can help mainly for Malacca SPCA, Autism Association and National Council for the Blind Malacca and few others. Many times too, we were invited to participate and help out with charity organisations family day and functions and few times too, being a photographer for their events.

T-Rex, my trishaw rather a popular figure in Malacca you know, as she appeared so many times in the local newspapers. Many saw her during the Mahkota Medical Centre’s ‘Give Hope Save Lives’ fundraising event. She was a special invited guest. Then remember our involvement in WALK for AUTISM 2010? Again, she was the main attraction there. Also, twice she was captured on retirement day for 3 school teachers in 2 different schools. What about wedding invitations too? Hee! Hee! Hee! She also gave rides to many people, YEAH! 

By the way, surprisingly even our website managed to create some attention!!!
I have a famous US travelling programme that contacted me for information about trishaw and Malacca. Also, through one of my blog about the “The Forgotten Heroes”, a Singapore TV production has managed to contact my friend and will meet him soon discussing about a documentary.                

You See! You See! I have told you ... Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s the reason why the show must go on, as long as we’re still ABLE and healthy!

Coming Next, something BIG ....... theTrishawman2!

Specially Thanks

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